History of Marilyn Manson,
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: 1997 update, part 2...

4-6-97: Redbird Arena, Illinois State University, Normal IL
UPI: **Members of Twin City church community prayed outside Redbird Arena Saturday afternoon in response to the Marilyn Manson concert tonight. Matt Harris, associate pastor of First Assembly of God in Normal, said members of the Christian community oppose the Manson concert for various reasons, including "the fact that the singer calls his album the ‘Antichrist Superstar’ and makes analogies to himself as the Antichrist, as well as promotes suicide." He said vigil attendees hope the ISU community will take notice of their opposition. "ISU has a responsibility to its students and to the community, as a publicly funded institution, to see things bettered such as fighting racism, something this man promotes in his music." Christian activists also are planning a second vigil, church service and literature distribution tonight in conjunction with the concert.** (One protestor made the odd statement that Zim Zum is "a cultic name for hell.")

also 4/6: a letter containing the following appears in the Bloomington, IL, PANTAGRAPH: "Musicland sells both of their two albums. ‘The Smell of Children’ and ‘Antichrist’. Both covers have an evil look; the song names are vile, racist and degrading to just about any group. Covered with warnings of explicit language and violent content I decided not to listen - I do not need to stick my face in a pile of rotting garbage to know it stinks anymore than I need to hear this ear trash glorifying Satan. You see, even if it is an act - which it is not - the destroyer of man (Satan) gains ground. My wife and myself were in a religious cult for over 15 years before the leader fell over dead. We know that Satan will do whatever it takes to get your kids. The Manson message is real. Christians, stand against the darkness - keep your kids home and turn up ‘His’ music real loud. ---Ken McElroy, Normal"

4-8-97: Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis TN
After playing 45 minutes, Manson threw his mike stand into the drum kit, tore the drums apart and stomped offstage. Mid-South Coliseum said no refunds would be given for the brief, $22.50 ticket show. Word had it that Manson was upset with the concert's sound, including a broken drum machine loop. A house system announcement declared the show over citing ''technical difficulties.'' Beth Wade, Mid-South Coliseum managing director, said she never got an official reason why Manson stopped the show. ''My first thought was somebody arrested him,'' said Wade. ''All I was told was the show's over. He's played as long as he's going to play tonight. From what I understand, this happens regularly. The show length is up to Marilyn's artistic whims.''

4-9-97: Barson Coliseum, Little Rock, AR

4/9: The Associated Press reports that Rev. Dana Wilson is petitioning local authorities to demand that minors attending an upcoming Marilyn Manson concert be chaperoned by their parents. Wilson, a youth pastor with the Saginaw Valley Community Church, has presented the Saginaw City Council with over 20,000 signatures supporting a proposal which would essentially place the same restrictions on the show that govern admission to R-rated movies. Rev. Wilson acknowledges that adults who want to see Manson perform are fully protected under the First Amendment, but told reporters that he doesn't feel those same rights apply to minors. He had reportedly attempted to stop the April 25 show at Saginaw's Wendler Arena altogether, but city officials said they would do nothing to cancel the concert. (Wilson, however, claims he’s "not one of those clerics who think that all rock and roll is the Devil’s music.")

Thurs. 4/10: Columbia, SC: USC officials and concert promoter Cellar Door cancel MM's scheduled 4/20 performance at Carolina Coliseum. University spokesman Russ McKinney: "We pulled the plug on it. We just did not feel it was in this institution's best interest to host an event like this that the university and the community found repugnant." USC decided to halt the event "in response to growing public pressure by religious, civic and political leaders who criticized the group's image" according to a SC newspaper. Manson, of course, had performed twice before in Columbia without causing mass destruction or moral anarchy. Art Noerke, manager of Rockafella's (the Columbia club where MM played in 1995) was quoted as saying he thought the cancellation was a mistake: "It's all an image. It's all a show, and anyone who doesn't see that has got a problem." (We hardly need add that State Treasurer Richard Eckstrom, who led the anti-MM campaign, had "learned about the band from members of his church" according to the same newspaper article.) Manson, in his only direct comment to the media on any threatened show, called his SC foes "fascist bigots" and asked "What do you expect of a state that still flies the Confederate flag at the State House?"

4-11-97: Jackson Coliseum, Jackson, MS - Jackson, MS, show cancelled for technical reasons (problems with the lighting rig)

4/11: The following letter appeared in the Pittsburgh, PA, Post-Gazette. I reproduce it exactly as it was shared with me, because it so exactly captures the tone and the intellect of the MM opposition. "BOYCOTT MARILYN MANSON. Marilyn Manson is blantantly spewing hate towards christians. There is a fine line between MM and the KKK and yet MM is coming to our town on Sunday (of course), May 4th. The Civic Arena has opened its arms and welcomed this band. One of the very few differences between MM and the KKK is the money the city will make off of MM's presence here (ticket sales, concession, parking fees). I challenge the residents of this city to boycott events at the Civic Arena in response to their allowing Marilyn Manson to use their facility to preach hate and sucide to our children. I'm talking children, the average age of attendees of this concert is between 12-15. Their will be a christian prayer, praise, and worship youth rally called Flock Rock also on May 4th at 7PM at the First Presbyterian Church in Downtown Pittsburgh. We invite everyone to bring a young person and come celebrate life and love in opposition to the death and hate being celebrated at the Civic Arena. ==BONNI MACKIN (Carrick)."

4-12-97: Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi MS - despite ALL the above fuss.
--the band had left Jackson early on the 11th, and on reaching Biloxi found it impossible for them to step outside without being assailed by protestors. According to a close friend, "The poor band has been holed up in Biloxi for two days now, while candlelight and signed protests follow their every move."

4-13-97: International Ballroom, Atlanta GA

4/13: Jacksonville, FL - by now the mayor has 5000 pieces of protest mail/e-mail re 4/17 show there (MTV says 1500 of 7000 tix sold at that point)

Also 4/13: A letter appearing in the Orlando Sentinel, written by one Cathy McIlroy, says in part: "A concert is scheduled for Tuesday at the University of Central Florida Arena by a group called Marilyn Manson. The group calls itself "the church of the anti-Christ" and openly brags about its satanic message. While I support a person's choice to listen to any type of music they wish, I believe that groups like this should not be performing at UCF. A look at the Web site for this group reveals just how extreme it is. Many of the lyrics promote suicide, drugs, sadistic acts, satanic activity, etc., and could not be printed in a family newspaper...."

4/14: The Buffalo News prints a letter part of which reads: "Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson) need not be stopped from performing in concerts, nor is he a Nazi. What he is can best be described as a musically gifted man who just happens to enjoy throwing the ills of humanity in our faces, and yes, irreverently. I wonder how many of the people condemning his music would have easily accepted a ride with the normal-looking, sweet-talking Ted Bundy? --Robert Barnes, Buffalo"

4-15-97: Univ. of Central Florida Arena, Orlando FL
[from UPI]: "UCF is not sponsoring the appearance, but school spokesman Dean McFall says the auditorium is considered a public facility and the university cannot deny its use to anyone according to prevailing interpretations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. Opponents say the Constitution does not allow people to say or do anything they want. The gothic rock group's lyrics often deal with suicide, satanism and killing parents. More than 100 people attended a prayer vigil at the university Monday night to protest tonight's (Tuesday's) concert."
The Orlando Sentinel-Tribune reported: "Three dozen law officers and a dozen waist-high concrete barricades kept the mostly black-clad concertgoers separated from demonstrators. Before the show, the 300 Christian protesters assembled in a circle to sing, pray and erect a cross. ‘We didn't come out here to cause trouble,’ said Peter Vivaldi, a youth pastor at Centro de la Familia Christiana. ‘We're here to pray to cover this place with the blood of Jesus, to let those kids know there are alternatives to drugs and suicide.’ " Concertgoers were reportedly amused.

4/15: Richmond, VA, City Manager Robert C. Bobb announces plans to cancel MM's 5/10 show at the Richmond Coliseum, calling the band "not consistent with our community standards". He adds: ''Satan worship and animalistic type of programming is not consistent with the image we're building for our community.'' Bobb claims the band's contract with Spectacor Management was never actually signed, though there is a letter of agreement. The VA ACLU promptly filed a First Amendment lawsuit.

More detail on 4/15, from the Richmond Times-Dispatch : "[The Richmond City] Council's wake-up call was from Chesterfield County resident Dean Francis, who introduced members to the content and character of Marilyn Manson. Francis said he ordinarily would not complain about a band coming to the city, but he said this band revels in Satanism and teen-age rebellion, is particularly nasty and is coming to a city-owned building. When the Richmond council members found out last night what the city is about to get, they were not pleased. They told City Attorney John Rupp to study whether there is a way to get out of the contract with the group. 'Let somebody else's coliseum have it,' Councilman James L. Banks Jr. said of the concert. City Manager Robert C. Bobb said he had never heard of the group before the contract was signed. Had he known, 'we definitely would not have booked that concert.' " While the Coliseum is owned by the city and operated by a private management company, and city administration does not routinely review pending contracts, Councilman John A. Conrad also suggested Rupp look into breaking the contract. He said the council was concerned about ''the health, safety and welfare'' of residents, ''and I think Satanism is an issue.''

"At issue, as always,"commented MTV News wittily, "is Manson's manifest lack of niceness," and the ACLU charged that the local authorities did indeed want the show cancelled solely because of said lack. Kent Willis of the ACLU is quoted as noting that while the Grateful Dead are banned from playing the Coliseum, that’s because of widespread public drug use by the Dead’s fans, while the objection to Manson is completely based on their message.

4-16-97: West Palm Beach Auditorium, West Palm Beach FL
4/16: W. Palm Beach Mayor Nancy Graham denounces MM as "disgusting, degrading and satanic," and urges parents not to let their kids attend a concert tonight at the municipal auditorium. Graham tried to buy the Fort Lauderdale-based group's contract out. The group told the city: "Not at any price", according to a news release issued by Graham's office. She also tried to stop the performance, only to be advised by the city attorney that it would violate the group's First Amendment rights. Graham says the city will spend $ 30,000 on extra police for the performance, which will be videotaped.

also 4/16: [UPI] General Manager Ollie Harper Jr. said that almost every act booked into the (Richmond) Coliseum is bound to upset somebody, and Marilyn Manson is no different. Harper works for Spectacor Management Group, which operates the Coliseum for the city. He said that before Manson was signed, he checked with other venues around the country and found no reason to ban the act. ''Our focus is public safety,'' Harper said. ''The research we've done hasn't shown any public safety problem.'' The circus, for example, may be offensive to animal rights activists, Harper pointed out; and some preachers such as Benny Hinn, who recently was at the Coliseum, offend large numbers of people. (estimates 2000 of 9000 tix sold by this point)

Also on 4/16: The Meadowlands Battle opens in earnest. New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority (M'lands owners/managers) had expressed its reluctance to hold its scheduled June Ozzfest show if Manson remained on the bill, raising (as Kurt Loder put it) "alarms about possible crowd control catastrophes and potential affronts to simple human decency." On this date the Authority issued the following statement: "The promoters have informed us that Marilyn Manson must remain in the show, therefore based upon our stated position we will not allow tickets to go on sale." John Samerjan, a spokesman for the Authority, refused to elaborate on what the Authority's "stated position" actually was, saying only that "we make judgments about the events that we stage here and we made a judgment about this one." Samerjan, speaking to Addicted To Noise, did claim that "we didn't say anything about the content of his (Manson's) message."

And ALSO on April 16th (sheesh, was it the full moon or something?!):
Chattanooga Free Press, AP: "LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A rock group favored by a group of young Kentuckians charged with killing a Tennessee family is booked for a concert in Louisville on April 23, prompting an official to warn parents. Jefferson County Judge-Executive David Armstrong issued a statement Tuesday denouncing the band Marilyn Manson and warning parents not to let their children go to the concert at Louisville Gardens. Natasha Wallen Cornett, 18, the alleged leader of a group of six eastern Kentucky youths charged with killing three members of a Tennessee family, has told her lawyer she believes she is the daughter of Satan. She also told her lawyer she wants to meet Marilyn Manson and another band, Corn [sic]. ‘She said they're helping to put out the (satanic) message,’ Ms.Cornett's attorney, Eric Conn, said."

4-17-97: Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville FL

4/17: The Washington Post reports that former DC Council member Nadine Winter plans to mount a protest to MM's 5/9 DC Armory show. The band should not be allowed to play in the Armory's violence-plagued neighborhood, Ms. Winter charged. "Any band that sends a message like the Marilyn Manson band's, we don't need it...The time is now to stop creating platforms for people who say 'kill your mother, kill your father.'" She announced a letter and petition campaign, spoke against the band on her weekly radio show, and said she would raise the issue to the National Political Congress of Black Women, home turf of notorious rock-&-rap censor C. DeLores Tucker. Also 4/17: Claiming that Marilyn Manson's music promotes Satanism and degrades Christians and women, local church groups, students and concerned citizens rallied on the steps of the Jefferson County Courthouse calling on local officials to cancel the April 23rd Manson concert at Louisville Gardens. Reverend Charles Elliot says "too many children are being lost to Satanism, drugs and violence."

And ALSO 4/17 (busy week!) Ten residents of South Hills, PA, petition the City Council to cancel MM’s May 4th Pittsburgh show. The small group claims to represent hundreds of parents in the region; they have 700 signatures on a petition and plan to return next week with representatives from hundreds of churches. One Rev. Bobby Baker of the South Hills Assembly of God says Manson has indulged in sex acts on stage, conducted animal sacrifices and exhorted teen-agers to kill their parents and then themselves. [Those damned AFA affidavits again...] Council promises to investigate and do what it can to have the concert canceled [sucking up to a MERE TEN PEOPLE for pete’s sake!] The Law Department will review the Civic Arena's lease with the concert promoter, Electric Factory, to see if it can be broken. ''I can't believe they're going to be in this facility,'' complained Councilman Dan Onorato. ''He's very disgusting.''

4/18: Ozzy issues statement defending MM and Ozzfest lineup, saying he'll sue and "go all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary." "I will not be putting any limits on any of the Ozzfests," said ol' Ozz, citing his own court experiences in defense of shows a decade past.

4/18: Winston-Salem Journal prints perceptive MM article; mayor and city manager offices have gotten hundreds of calls and dozens of letters and petitions protesting MM's appearance.

4/18: Utica, NY, opens protest against MM's 5/6 show. One Florence Hensell, who claims to be "fighting for God against Satan", presents the City Council with a petition signed by 921 people opposed to the show, and city managers approve a resolution urging Utica Auditorium mgmt to cancel. Auditorium mgr. Will Berkheiser cites the First and stands his ground.

4/19: Lawrence Joel Veterans' Memorial Coliseum,Winston-Salem NC: show goes as scheduled; a performance of life-altering brilliance, with a terrific outdoor circus of protestors, cops and media added to the fun.

4/19: Kalamazoo group circulates AFA-inspired petition accusing MM of onstage animal sacrifice, bestiality, distributing drugs and ejaculating into the audience (!).
MM's management issues a counter-letter which reads in part, "Since the [Dead To The World] tour began on October 3, 1996, in no way have Marilyn Manson performed, participated in or encouraged any acts of child abuse, sex (simulated or real), cruelty to animals or any other illegal activity on stage." The citizens hoped to ban MM's scheduled 4/30 show at Wings Stadium.

4/19: Meadowlands defies Ozzy, refuses to begin selling tix for NJ Ozzfest date (4/21: Ozzy statement appears on MTV News)

4-20-97: moment of silence for the cancelled Columbia, SC, show...
4-22-97: Roberts Stadium, Evansville, IN

4/22: Richmond, VA, City Council overturns Mgr. Bobb's previous decision and agrees to let MM play. According to MTV News, they deliberated for two hours before concluding that they would not win the lawsuit threatened by the Virginia ACLU if they pulled the plug on Manson.
They did get a crumb: "The city has received assurances from the band's representatives that the group will abide by all applicable laws." They also reminded parents that Richmond's curfew law prohibits kids under 18 from being out after 11 PM and that "any violation of law by any party will be prosecuted" (obviously hoping that if they couldn't bust Manson for obscenity they could at least jail a few wayward kiddies). ACLU rep Kent Willis noted that had Bobb consulted with the city attorney before making his original statement "all of this might have been avoided." Willis explained that Richmond's City Attorney, John A. Rupp, advised the City Council that legally they could not get out of the contract, and must honor their legal obligation to the First Amendment.

4-23-97: Louisville Gardens, Louisville KY [No further familes reported murdered as a result.]

4-25-97: Wendler Arena, Saginaw MI
4/25: Saginaw, MI, prayerfest: a community prayer service was held for Manson's soul. Pastor Scott Popisil of the Grace Bible Fellowship Church requests donations to be used to buy tickets from Manson fans in exchange for a ticket to a Christian concert. 2000 petition sigs had been gathered in hopes of banning MM's show (apparently not 20,000 as originally reported =).

Also on 4/25: MM lawyer Paul Cambria sends a four-page letter to Dr. Donald Wildmon, head of the AFA, demanding they cease and desist from publishing the already-infamous defamatory Affidavits. (Wildmon will disavow responsibility, claiming that the Affidavits were solely the project of the Gulf Coast chapter of the AFA and were not supported by the association's leadership. In other words, he threw Biloxi to the wolves.) The AFA was requested to apologize to the band and pay damages. No word on what they did.

4-26-97: CSU Convention Center, Cleveland OH

4/27/97: The Washington Postquotes Pensacola, FL., revivalist preacher Stephen Hill: "This end-time move of God - it's going to be violent! It's not going to be smooth! We're dealing with a wicked generation now! We're dealing with a generation that pierces every part of their body and puts rings in it! A generation that puts Marilyn Manson on the top of the charts - the most demonic group ever!"

4/28: suit filed by lawyers for Manson, Osbourne and NY/NJ promoters Delsner-Slater to save 6/15 NJ Meadowlands Ozzfest show.

4-29-97 Fort Wayne Coliseum, Ft. Wayne IN
A priceless quote from Manson, delivered onstage at this show: "A little five-year-old kid walked up to me today and said 'Mr. Manson, I want you to have this Bible, because I don't think you know Jesus in your heart.' He's not even old enough for kindergarten and they've already got him wrapped up in fascism..."

4-30-97: Kalamazoo Wings Stadium, Kalamazoo WI

4/30: Michigan State Senate passes a resolution encouraging voluntary age restriction on certain concerts. According to Addicted To Noise: "Resolution 53, authored by Republican Senator Dale Shugars...says that 'entertainment venues in Michigan should voluntarily prohibit attendance by minors under 18 years of age, who are not accompanied by parents or guardians, at musical performances of artists whose recordings carry parental advisory labels.'" Shugars also issued one of the year's best quotes: "Minors need parental permission to get pierced ears, tattoos, use a tanning salon or give blood. Would anyone suggest that getting pierced ears is more dangerous than exposing a young psyche to an explicit rock band?" Thanks to the "voluntary" wording the resolution is not legally binding on venues, but on 5/7 Mark Michaelsen, a spokesman for Sen. Shugars, told ATN that a bill that would make it a law was being considered.


5-2-97: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (The only show in which Manson wore a Canadian flag around his waist during "1996" instead of the usual USA Stars & Stripes.)
5-3-97: Erie Civic Center, Erie PA
5-4-97: Civic Center, Pittsburgh PA
5-6-97: Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica, NY (Yea Will Berkheiser!)
5-7-97: The Meadows, Hartford, CT

5/7: NJ Ozzfest case won! Manson cites it as a victory not only for Marilyn Manson but for "rock music in general and the Constitution of the United States...I would do anything to defend my music, my art, because I feel there’s nothing wrong with it; I think it’s a necessary evil." Comments attorney Cambria: "When the band and Marilyn Manson, Brian Warner, finally had enough of it, he said ‘look, I have rights, my fans have rights, and we’re not going to let people just lie about us and spread these vicious rumors. We’re fighting back.’ And we did fight back."

5-9-97: DC Armory , Washington DC. While this show went on, its history is sadly marred by the loss of a crewmember, Sean McGrann. Sean, a lighting technician with Upstaging Inc., died in a 90-foot fall from the high rigging in the early hours of this morning. Manson dedicates "Sweet Dreams" to him in the night's set.

5-10-97: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond VA. Show saved!
5-11-97: Blockbuster Sony Center, Camden, NJ

5/14: El Rey Theater, Los Angeles: Manson attends the launch party for Sweater, the newest magazine by the conglomerate that publishes RayGun and Bikini. An onlooker reported: " - he didn't just sit at his table and attempt to ooze cool. MM actually got out on the dance floor and partied with the best of them, cutting an odd, but spirited, rug. If the truth be told, his dancing style was a weird hybrid of his stage prowl and Alice the Goon. The strangest sight was seeing his raven-black head towering over everyone else's - save a few high-coiffed drag queens. Who knew he was a virtual Howard Stern of the undead? "

5/17: NJ Ozzfest tickets finally go on sale

05/18/97 Dynamo Festival, Eindhoven, Holland
05/19/97 The Centre, Newport, England
(local papers called the band "devotees of the SF-based CoS who claim to have smoked human bones and vomited on fans during concerts")
The group's concert in Newport, South Wales was reportedly unsuccessfully opposed, and then picketed, by concerned citizens. The throng of 400 Welsh Christian followers was reportedly led by a local preacher named Ray Bevan, who is the father of Carl Bevan, the drummer for the Welsh rock trio 60 Ft. Dolls.

5/20 - 6/12/ 97: U.K. and European tour.

05/20/97 Brixton Academy, London, England
05/22/97 The Apollo, Manchester, England
05/23/97 Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland
05/25/97 Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, England
05/26/97 Town & Country, Leeds, England
05/27/97 Rock City, Nottingham, England

5/28: CNN airs an excellent Manson profile as a segment of its "American Edge" program. The feature includes an interview with Manson and live footage both taped in Wheeling, WV back in February, plus a lucid explanation of why "Church of Satan" does not equal "devil-worship" (probably the first time this had been done for the mainstream audience). Representatives of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame and the PMRC also speak. Fine,well-balanced piece. Best quotes include Manson’s "Just as the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, Marilyn Manson is more popular than Satan," and Presbyterian minister George Kurtz’ thoughtful one-liner, "Marilyn Manson, uh..he’s evil."

05/29/97 Le Bataclan, Paris, France
05/31/97 Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain


06/01/97 La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
06/02/97 The Arena, Valencia, Spain
06/04/97 Rolling Stone, Milan, Italy
06/05/97 Babylon, Munich, Germany
06/06/97 Tor 3, Dusseldorf, Germany
06/08/97 Batschkapf, Frankfurt, Germany
06/09/97 Huxleys, Berlin, Germany
06/10/97 Grunspan, Hamburg, Germany
06/12/97 Hultsfred Festival, Hultsfred, Sweden

6/4: Manson goes into the studio with the Sneaker Pimps to record "Long Hard Road out of Hell," a collaboration for the soundtrack to the live-action "Spawn" film.

6-13-97: The Strand, Providence RI

--a well-intended experiment that went very wrong. Manson, who set out on this jaunt enthusing about playing on the same bill as the venerable Ozzmonster, summed it up as a sadder but wiser man on MTV's year-end Year In Rock: "You’re more likely to find me in a church than going on another metal tour, because those fans, at some points, were more closed-minded than the Christians were. I got hit with a lot of bottles of urine."

6-15-97: Giants Stadium, E. Rutherford, NJ (the much contested Jersey show)
6-17-97: Polaris Amphitheater, Columbus OH (fans riot when Ozzy, suffering from loss of voice, doesn’t play)

06/18/97 Pine Knob, Detroit MI Blockbuster Pavillion OzzFest: 06/19/97 The World, Chicago, IL
06/21/97 Alpine Valley, Milwaukee, MI
06/22/97 Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN (changed from Float-Rite Park in nearby Somerset, WI, due to local protests - politicians threatened to revoke the park’s concert permit if those Satanists performed there)
06/24/97 Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO

6/25 debut of the "Man That You Fear" video on MTV. Evocative and tragic, this haunting vignette of a scapegoat’s sacrifice drew extensive analyses from online fans - who guessed its lineage from Shirley Jackson’s classic horror short-story "The Lottery" before Manson admitted as much to MTV News. Its religious symbolism and visual imagery also recall the surrealistic film "Santa Sangre," a Manson favorite.

06/26/97 Desert Sky Pavillion, Phoenix, AZ
06/28/97 Sam Boyd Arena, Las Vegas, NM
06/29/97 Blockbuster Pavillion San Bernadino, CA

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