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Welcome to our little corner of The Sisters World Empire. Though we've been here a long time, we came in through the backdoor - that is, via The Mission. It was a Sunday night, and MTV had accompanied a showing of "Wasteland" with a segment on the Mish's history and origins, which included a quick clip from the "Walk Away" video. That few seconds - the imagery, the sound, the singer's striking face and resonant baritone - stayed with all three of us, though we were miles apart at the time. United in the summer of 1987, we found that we all vividly remembered that moment of film and the name of the band from which the Mission had sprung, and we set off in quest of their work. Our first find was The Reptile House, and a bit daunting it was, but remembering those few seconds of "Walk Away" we persevered, and in due time located a copy of First And Last And Always. Thus began our love affair with Leeds' immortal finest, The (glorious & notorious) Sisters of Mercy. For six years (give or take a half), we collected everything we could find, leaving no continent unplundered, until we could boast a complete set of all the band's legal releases plus a groaning shelf of vinyl "limited edition imports". To say nothing of the picture discs, magazines, papers, fanzines and ephemera, and all the other gewgaws an obsessive collector can accumulate. This collection we now propose to share with you all. We have noticed that while Sisters websites are neither few nor short on detail, they tend to be recent in focus, most beginning with the Floodland era and the time of bootleg CDs. Thus we believe that the details of our holdings will fill an informational gap and give current Sisters People a look at material that by now may be difficult to find. (And even if it's not, it'll probably be fun to look at.)

--We offer this material in the sincere hope that it will advance Sisters scholarship worldwide while giving us a chance to get all this great stuff off the shelf and out where it can be seen and enjoyed - every bit of it being, needless to say, utterly bastard groovy.

...please feel free to browse and enjoy while we continue to build the site.

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