- MELODY MAKER, January 12, 1985

A grand shame, really, that those Thompson Twins should use the name of Leeds' most bat-infested ensemble for the title of one of their revolting hits. In all, '84 couldn't really be described as a classic year for The Sisters, despite regular sojourns in the indie charts and good reviews of their autumn UK tour. Andrew Eldritch, a human toast-rack, revealed to the Maker that he'd had a few personal difficulties.
During studio sessions for The Sisters' still-awaited debut long-player, he'd begun to see strange shapes and colours when engaged in apparently harmless conversations with bystanders. This had delayed the group's progress while Andy went away for a few square meals and a cup of Horlicks. Meanwhile, he'd been pondering the state of the nation. "I think if 'Jerusalem' was the British national anthem, we'd be in trouble," he said strangely. "We'd be out invading all sorts of people who'd pulverise us." Just hurry up with that album willya?

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