(and neither should you);

I've collected these rumors from a wide range of sources. They are displayed here solely for their amusement value, and to partially stop the flood of e-mail I get about some of 'em. They are in NO way to be taken as being disrespectful to the band--
the only people I'm laughing at here are the ones who persist in believing these.
  • Punctuation and spelling have been left as the original sources of the rumors had them. Don't blame us.
  • As noted on mainpage, comments in [square brackets] are by coyote and/or angelynx.

    Rumormill created January 1998===updated June 2009
    with love and respect to its originator, coyote (Judy Renee Pope), 1960-2007

  • Manson likes having sex with little boys. [Because he's a hermaphrodite, right?]
  • The eye tattoos on Marilyn's forearms are really bulls-eyes for his heroin needles.
  • Sometime on the SLC tour Twiggy got arrested for molesting a little boy.
  • Mr Manson pretends to smoke pot because Snoop does. [...huh?]
  • Manson is into bestiality...
  • Marilyn Manson cut one of his toes off so that he could inject heroin directly into the veins in the stump.
  • Marilyn Manson is a child molester who eats children.
  • i heard the rev fired twiggy & zim zum cause he caught them skrewing. [Ack! More incest!]
  • ~ Marilyn Manson suck other guys dicks. (Just to piss off his parents)
  • The rumor is that he got his penis tattooed black.
  • "Marilyn Manson has had male fans who come back stage on the ACS tour jack-off into a syringe and then he injects it, hoping that he will contract HIV."
  • Manson is a necrophile.
  • manson sucked trent's penis and then spit the cum in his (manson's) dad's hand
  • Is it true that Marilyn Manson let Gavin from bush suck his dick because he paid Gavin?
  • the only reason Trent produced MM's first album is because Manson gives such good head...
  • marilyn manson was supposed to have sex with the lead singer of pantera at ozzfest at giant's stadium in june...
    ===but that didn't work out...
  • MM was supposed to give head to Phil Anselmo (Pantera) after OzzFest at Columbus, Ohio. But found Twiggy with him backstage, giving Anselmo head. MM was so pissed that when Twiggy went to sleep, he shaved his head, so now Twiggy wears a dreadlock wig. He was going to cut off and send his ear to Anselmo but Twiggy woke up.
  • I heard from my boyfriend that MM had to go to the hospital to get his own sperm removed out of himself!!!
  • i heard that manson cut off his balls so he could have everlasting sex................ [um....coyote is still trying to figure out how this would help...]
  • He (Manson) used to have sex with the boy from wonder years. [..the one he wasn't?]
  • In late october this kid told me manson cut his nose open to get the heroin in faster.
  • M.M. gave NIN a blowjob when he was 12 years old. [the mind boggles at the time travel implications in this one.....]
  • I heard that Manson had sex with Ozzy!
  • Manson has so many tattoes because he always shoots up haroin before his concerts [...shooting junk causes you to break out in tattoos?...]
  • i heard they were banned from playing in Canada. [well, not yet....]
  • a stupid rumor that i reasently heard was that Marilyn Manson was giving out drugs to children.
  • They all removed thier dicks, and switched with each others to see what it felt like. [No updates yet!]
  • also a girl said mr. manson had sex with a pig in one of the videos, now i've never seen that one... [--rides a pig, yes. Bangs it, no.]
  • My sister said she read in a magazine that Manson has "eat me" tattooed on the end of his dick.
  • rumor has it that while stoppin in Charlotte, Manson tried to get a child to buttfuck him, while using that green-fruit-filled jello they serve in the cafeteria as a lubricant, but the plan failed when some other little boy came into the bathroom and he (the first little boy) lost his nerve. and then Manson got called to the office. [whose office? the principal, for swiping school jello? and why jello anyway? ah, details]
  • Zim Zum did not get fired because of masturbating with an exhaust pipe. [...I'm glad to know that...]
  • Twiggy was fiered because he was found jacking off in a bathroom stall with a guitar cord wrapped around his neck [I wasn't aware one could get fired for that... Is it more offensive because of the guitar cord? Is this some kind of musician's porn that I'm unaware of? ]
  • Marilyn Manson is Gay
  • Twiggy is a band member only because he raped Marilyn and now Marilyn does'nt want him to leave.
  • One of the members of the band is known as twiggy cause one night they all got drunk and Marily Manson bit twiggys cock off [this Marily is evidently a dangerous date]
  • I just talked to Zim Zum's ex-boyfriend and found out that he's gay!
  • Here are the rumours I heard about how Marilyn Manson had injured his back prior to the Aug 1 concert in Ottawa:
    --- he had tried to suck his dick before the operation
    --- he and Twiggy had been having a little S & M, and Twiggy got too rough
  • i also heard that hes rilly still a virgin cuz he wont do sex before marriage and a gal (i dunno if i can rilly trust HER) told me she was with him (mm) for a night and that he first removed all of his make-up with COTTON-WOOL [why the all-caps? is cotton wool shocking?] and than had glorious sex with her for 69 hours. (she was still kinda exhousted three days after) [well, it's either one or the other, isn't it? Virgin or sex for 69 hours; your choice]
  • you know that he gives all a of his bandmembers a b.j. before a concert. it's his way of saying break a leg
  • I think you forgot the one where after some party Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan fucked.[...what a mental image.]
  • One kid asked me if their drummer was a hermaphrodite.
  • Marilyn Manson gave his manager a blow job for 13 seconds for 3 million dollars (Only 13 seconds? Gee, Trent didn't really get his money's worth...) --[even worse; Trent didn't get anything. However, if I were Tony (MM's manager) I'd be feeling pretty cheated...]
  • ((\\//))arilyn ((\\//))anson and Trent Reznor dress up in Crow (Ya know, Brandon Lee movie ) makeup and suck each others dicks.( Saw it from the MTV online interview! )
  • He blows himself
  • He blows all of the other band members
  • He blows bunnies cats dogs pigs ETC ETC
  • marilyn manson twiggy ramirez and fionna apple had a threesome. [wow, it's rare we get a woman involved in these rumors.]
  • I heard that for fun manson and his band butfuck each other after concerts.
  • another one about a certain twiglet deciding to wear huge floor-length skirts so that he could secretly hide little kiddies under there, for 'their' amusement of course....
  • Damnt Don't You All No It Marilyn Manson Iz A Lesbian!!!!!!!!!
  • Manson had a sex change operation to become a man.
  • Manson will have a sex change and become a woman.
  • I heard that Mr. Manson and Michael Jackson were having a contest to see who could rape the most little kids. Boys 10 points, Girls 5 points but Mr Manson was disqualified because after doing a girl he rolled them over and pretended that they were a boy and score double...
  • i heard in some chat room that manson used to put peanut butter on his dick and let his dog lucifer lick it off
  • My dearest friend told me that Marilyn got arrested for butt raping Reznor; therefore, he is currently on trial for rape. I do not believe this for a # of reason's, 1) I'm pretty sure Reznor and Manson are gay together anyway, so the need for rape would not occur.[...ah, if only they'd been so happy.]

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