(and neither should you);

I've collected these rumors from a wide range of sources. They are displayed here solely for their amusement value, and to partially stop the flood of e-mail I get about some of 'em. They are in NO way to be taken as being disrespectful to the band--
the only people I'm laughing at here are the ones who persist in believing these.
  • Punctuation and spelling have been left as the original sources of the rumors had them. Don't blame us.
  • As noted on mainpage, comments in [square brackets] are by coyote and/or angelynx.

    Rumormill created January 1998===updated June 2009
    with love and respect to its originator, coyote (Judy Renee Pope), 1960-2007

    **Now that's what I call conspicuous consumption:

  • Marilyn Manson are cannibals & they kill and eat people onstage.
  • Did you know that Mr. Manson bit off Twiggy's dick on stage?
  • He ate his own shit onstage
  • Manson passes a cup around in the audience...a bunch of people spit into it, and then he drinks it onstage. [Ozzy says the exact same story was told about him--to his own kids.]
  • At a concert MM jizzed in a half empty can of SPAM and fed it to six lucky concert goers!
  • He had a wine bottle stuck up his ass all the way through a concert, and gave it to someone in the crowd, who drank it. [No, that was a lollipop.Trust us, we know.]
  • i have another rumor for you.. in the hamilton ontario show (may 2, 97) manson used that funky contraption that's on the back of acs, jacked off into it, and twiggy and pogo sucked it up (cuz, you know, they're hooked up to it on the back of the cd).
  • at the hamilton, on, canada show on may 3rd/97 [wait, what? they played hamilton two nights in a row?], marilyn apparently hooked up that thing that's on the back of AntiChrist Superstar up to himself, Twiggy and Pogo and pissed into it, making them drink it up
    [...pretty good acid up there in Ontario, huh?...]
  • at one of their concerts, Marilyn Manson passed a big metal bowl to the crowd, and had them all put their scabs in it, then said he wouldn't perform until he ate it all.
  • Marilyn and Ginger were having a contest one day to see who could be the grossest. So Marilyn took a shit on stage, and Ginger ran up there and ate it...
  • at a manson concert, marilyn said to the crowd "I bet i'm the most fucked up person here" when an audience member said that he was more fucked up and shat on the stage. marilyn said "i'm more fucked up than that" and ate it!

    **Other on-stage antics:

  • I heard once that Rev after an interview went on stage and pulled a coke bottle out of his ass... [!...it had been there the entire interview?!]
  • They raped some teenage girl on stage [again--I think we're getting MM and GG Allin confused...]
  • Manson rapes three year olds on stage.
  • I heard (this is so stupid) that Manson cut off his dick and had a smaller one put on so it wouldn't hurt the 12-year-old virgin girls he raped on stage so bad. [How considerate...]
  • He buttfucked Reznor on stage.
  • anyway.a friend of mine said that Marilyn Manson (the band) went onstage buttfucking each other in a conga line.....
  • Some dorks at my school told me that Marilyn crucified some chicks and than he raped them... took them off of the cross..and threw them into the pit (gee--must've missed that one)
  • In Raleigh last year ('95) he apparently walked around on stage completely fucking naked. Hmm... I musta imagined the bits of shredded clothing I saw ... [I missed it, too--must have blinked during that moment..]
  • The Rev. came on to stage, shoved a beer bottle up his ass and then did a handstand giving himself a beer enema.
  • I just heard from a friend at school. He said he heard that Zim Zum had his dick removed so the Rev could fuck him on stage. [the inquring mind cries "Why??? Was this operation really necessary??"] [...y'know, poor Daisy just can't win. First he gets dumped by Manson for either Twiggy or Ginger, then after going to all the trouble of turning into ZimZum AND having a dickectomy he still can't have the Rev because, as we already know, he's had a sex change so he can marry Twig....]
  • Mr. Manson lifts bricks with his nipple rings onstage. [um...no, you're thinking of Mr. Lifto; lifts bricks with his...ah...never mind.]
  • Mr. Manson circumsized a boy on stage.
  • during a concert in a small town manson took a bottle crahsed it over his head then took the broken pieces and cut his neck over and over ( hey he should be dead now cuz there are big arteries in the neck)
  • I heard that he gives himself a blow-job on stage and spits the cum out on the crowd [interesting, a direct descendant of the rib rumors.]
  • Marilyn Manson sucks his own dick on stage. (Just for the pleasure)
  • Maralyn Manson got a blow job on stage from one of the NIN band members. [well, not quite; strike that, reverse it...]
  • Manson gave head to a 14 year old male at a show in Tampa.
  • At a concert one time, some fans took turns jizzing in a sock and threw it on stage. Mr. Manson then proceeded to cover himself with the jizz.
  • I heard that Mr.Manson pulled someone out of the crowd and tired to have sex with him/her
  • I heard at school the marilyn manson pooped in his hand and though it at the crowd. [cool - proof he's descended from the Grail bloodline.=)]
  • He is also barred from Pittsburgh for slicing his wrist and spraying his blood on concert goers. [gee, and I thought he was wiping it off his chest, and dripping it on us in the front row. How could I have been so unobservant?]
  • I've been hearing rumors that at this mother's day show Mr. Manson is going to kill himself or sodomize his own mother on stage.
  • he raped some old lady on stage [..well, SOMEone's mom...]
  • a 13 year old female stated she went to a concert and Marilyn had sex on stage with his group, plus he invited 4 audience members to have sex on stage with him. Also, he chopped the feet off of a hamster, which this female claims to have a picture of.
  • The MM band members all suck each other's dicks onstage at their concerts.
  • M.M. got kicked out of the state of utah for burning a book of mormon. [um, not exactly...]
  • The Rev was making cutting motions across his neck with a knife and accidentally cut too deep, severing his windpipe. Twiggy held his throat together for him so he could breathe until the paramedics got there. [It's Twiggy's part in this story that really makes it, I think.]
  • I heard that trent reznor and marilyn had sex on stage in front of marilyns parents....[No, that was Robin Finck, not Trent.]
  • One of my friends said that he fucked her on stage and then offered her up as a sacrafice!!! That little bitch is still alive and living today!
  • Don't forget about the one about girls in the front row that get pulled up on stage to suck Manson's dick!
  • at the same show, they got one of the protesters from outside on the stage and raped him/her and killed him/her (VERY strange... i must have missed a lot of that show, because i don't seem to recall any of this happening) [I agree--sometimes it's amazing what goes on at shows you're at that you never see!]
  • manson (the band) are going to sacrifice a bunch of people in a sacred ritual at their hallowe'en show
  • He has men he calls his "secret Santa Clauses" that start at the back and throw bags of pot and crack into the audience as they make their way to the front...

    ===[we just knew the false material from the AFA 'affidavits' would show as real rumors eventually. This and the next three all originate there.]

  • He tells all the men in the audience to find a woman and rape her as he urges them on with the music....
  • He makes the audience push the children present to the front row where he baptises them to satan and gives them an "evil name"....
  • Marilyn Manson makes his female guitar player go naked on stage. [Don't you wonder which of the band the AFA thought was female? Twig? Zim? neither of whom, of course, they've ever seen naked...]
  • That woman in the wedding dress (the one on the Dead to the World tour, you know what I'm talking about if you were there), he takes her and rapes her then throws her into the audience to be killed.... [--and he does this night after night, but she always comes back! That clever Melora, I wonder when she figured out how to rise from the dead?...]
  • I heard that Manson ad Twiggy tied up one of their brothers (nude) and threw him on stage at the last Ohio show.
  • i know this is not true but i herd manson brought twiggy's nefewe onstage naked put him in a cage and all the band members pissed on him
  • Marilyn fucked Gen (of the Gentitorturers) in her ass onstage
  • Gen has had anal sex with manson; she did him with a strap-on onstage
  • MM neutered a 4 year old on stage. [Human?]
  • During a NIN concert Manson showed up on stage and began sucking the drummer's Dick. [Cripes, that one NINcident will never EVER die.]
  • for a November '96 Florida show, he (Brian) was going to fuck a cow onstage, and then the members, during a destruction, were going to commit a mass suicide, and inspire the crowd to do the same. Then (the part I added,) a crew member was going to string him up like a marionette, and he was going to be a puppet. Then, somebody proposed that this is why he is so limber, since he was once a puppet and was hung by his joints like Pinocchio.
  • I heard manson cut off the head of his penis and sewed it back on, all on stage.
  • I saw this video of Marilyn Manson jacking off on stage and when he cam people in the front row said they wanted him to come in there mouth. (I wish I was in the front row)
  • Manson cut of his member at the ottawa show agust first whit a win botolle
  • There was a rumor that made Mr. Manson upset of the ignorance of some people because they said that he made his "female" guitar player (Twiggy) perform naked onstage. [that AFA influence again...]
  • Here are the rumours I heard about how Marilyn Manson had injured his back prior to the concert in Toronto:
    --- Marilyn threw the mic stand and Ginger and Ginger threw it back at the unexpecting Marilyn
    --- he had fallen of his stilts and trampled in the mosh pit
    --- someone had pushed the podium off the stage when Manson was singing Antichrist Superstar
  • I heard that at a }_{V}_{arilyn }_{V}_{anson show,some family was taking pictures and their 3 year old was there. Manson pulled the girl on stage,raped her, then threw her into the most pit...all while the parents were cheering wildly.
  • I heard that (V)anson snowballed Trent onstage...(snowball---sucking a mans dick and spitting the cum back into his mouth for him to swallow)
  • Marilyn gave Jonathan Davis head on stage (or vice-versa) to piss Jon's dad off.
  • A virgin [how did they know?] climbed onstage during an MM concert, and he fucked her!
  • Marilyn Manson jerks off into the audience at ALL of his concerts!
  • Marilyn Manson cancelled their European leg of the ACS tour because Marilyn was in hospital because he slits his wrists at every show to spray the blood over the audience.
  • one of my freinds claims that 1.at a concert that he and his mom went to a bunch of midjets ran out on stage then Rev. Manson sucked their dicks and had sex w/them and then the cops found out and they tried to arrest (on what charge i dont remember but it was fucked) him but he ran away. [can this be a development from the onstage appearance of Kevin the midget in Dayton on 2/14/97?]
  • well, i dont know if this is true or not, but i heard from a friend that Marilyn, and Gavin Rosdale fucked eack other on stage once, what ever.
  • Pissing and vomitting on the audience....my cousin says so, and thats not on the list. Atleast i think theyre too busy playing good songs to piss/vomit on the audience...[Seriously, if they did even HALF this stuff they wouldn't have time onstage to play any songs at all.]

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