(and neither should you);

I've collected these rumors from a wide range of sources. They are displayed here solely for their amusement value, and to partially stop the flood of e-mail I get about some of 'em. They are in NO way to be taken as being disrespectful to the band--
the only people I'm laughing at here are the ones who persist in believing these.
  • Punctuation and spelling have been left as the original sources of the rumors had them. Don't blame us.
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    with love and respect to its originator, coyote (Judy Renee Pope), 1960-2007

  • **Cheaper than rent, and easier than loading up the U-Haul:

  • Marilyn had sex with his dad. (They told me this long story which was something like his dad said he couldn't live with him anymore unless he agreed to have sex with him. Since that was easier than moving his stuff out, they did & eventually Marilyn started to like it.)

    **Ain't no son of mine gonna be wearing pantyhose:

  • Marilyn's family has disowned him, and he's no longer on speaking terms with his mom and dad.
    [...I don't think we can reconcile this one and the one above it, kids...] [Besides, we've all seen Mr. Warner Senior's "Dad of Fuck" hat by now...and that pic of him with Twiggy...]
  • twiggy's parent's disowned him after he joined the band

    **All in the Family:

  • I heard that Mansons father is a real priest.
  • My best friend's childhood friend from Ohio said that he was backstage at a Manson concert and was given the opportunity to have an orgy with Manson (and he DIDN'T take him up on it. That's when I KNEW that was a lie.) Also Manson gave him an auto-biography. This auto-biography said that Manson's dad was a preacher and used to fuck him up the ass, saying he was "washing away his sins."
  • manson's dad was a furniture salesman that used to transport drugs in couches and chairs [..well, half right.]
  • These people at my school say he was abused as a child and his father castrated him.
  • Alice Cooper is really Reverend Manson's father.
  • Did you know that the guy who played Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) is Twiggy's dad?
  • I herd that Ringo Star fucked his mother and Manson was the result
  • manson and gwen of no doubt a brother and sister
  • Marilyn and Shirley Manson are siblings
  • Marilyn Manson is really the Hanson brother's dad!!!!!!!
  • Bob Uker is MMs dad.
  • Jaymz Hetfield the lead singer from metallica is marilyn mansons brother
  • the mother from "the shining" (with the long dark hair) was marilyn's mom!
  • I hear this rumour that Marilyn Manson's stepfather is late serial killer Charles Manson. ["late"? Charlie's still with us at last report...]
  • The Rev. is Charles Manson's little brother.
  • *She's* the wife/sister of Charlie..
  • I heard at school that Marilyn is actually Charles Manson's murderous son.
  • Manson is the son/daughter of Charles Manson and Marylin Monroe.
  • I heard that the Reverend Manson is actually Roman Polanski's kid that survived the death of his mother by Charles manson and the Family some years back, now grown to adulthood {wow, this one's really ingenious.]
  • Zim Zum is really Mr. Manson's sister (this is why the naming pattern was broken--cos he's a girl...).
  • Twiggy is Robin Finck's brother.
  • Twiggy is Robin Finck's sister.
  • Zim Zum is Trent's long lost sister.
  • Manson and Trent are brothers.
  • Twiggy and Zim Zum are sisters.
  • Twiggy and Zim Zum are brothers.
  • I heard someone at my school say "Manson and Twiggy are sisters and they are really black."
    [--So, let's try to make sense of this...if Dais and Zim are the same person, and Zimmy is Twig's sibling, as is Robin Finck, and Twiggy and Zim and Manson are all sisters, *and* Zim and Manson are *Trent's* sibs... *pause*... does that mean that Marilyn giving the onstage quickie to Robin counts as incest? What about all those rumors about Trent and Manson carrying on? And Manson's also guilty of fratricide, since he killed Daisy? and if he's also black then anything he does with anyone here except Twiggy is probably still illegal in some states ...My head hurts...] [Anyone wonder why the only one who never seems to get caught up in these identity games is Pogo?]
  • The revs parents didn't disown him till later but actually they forced him into being an antichrist and all that other stuff. But then after they realized how crazy he became and all the false rumors about him got out of control they decided to disown him because they were to embarassed of being accused of creating him.
  • According to a very intelligent cheerleader [!] I went to school with his true parents are Annie Lennox and Charles Manson. They married shortly after the Manson Murders and dear Marilyn was conceived during a conjugal visit. The fact that Annie Lennox is his mother is also how he was allowed to cover "Sweet Dreams".

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