(and neither should you);

I've collected these rumors from a wide range of sources. They are displayed here solely for their amusement value, and to partially stop the flood of e-mail I get about some of 'em. They are in NO way to be taken as being disrespectful to the band--
the only people I'm laughing at here are the ones who persist in believing these.
  • Punctuation and spelling have been left as the original sources of the rumors had them. Don't blame us.
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    Rumormill created January 1998===updated June 2009
    with love and respect to its originator, coyote (Judy Renee Pope), 1960-2007

    Short version: NO, Manson does not have a glass, artificial, or accursed eye, and has not for any reason ever removed either of his eyeballs.
    He has a large collection of contact lenses for various color effects, but his real eyes are olive green and appear brown in natural light.
    (In his autobiography, he traces his preference for the one-blue-one-brown-eye look to a childhood pet which had such eyes.)
    But there have been lots and lots of versions of this classic Manson legend
    (which, eleven years later, remains the #3 most asked question at the Spookhouse),
    as you can see below...

  • Do you know what happened to Manson's left eye? Someone told me he was stoned off his ass one night and decide to put liquid acid (L.S.D.) in his eye and it totaly messed it up.
  • Is it true that Mr. Manson has a glass eye? I heard he takes it out on stage and puts it in his mouth.
  • Mr. Manson stabbed himself in the eye with a needle, and fucked it up.
  • Mr. Manson's eyes are naturally blue; he had surgery done to make the one appear brown.
  • I heard that he beat his eye till the (what ever the hell color it was) fluid drained out of his eye and all that remains is the white of the eye and the black of the pupil.
  • He got mad at his parents at dinner one day and stuck a fork in his eye, and then left it there for the rest of the meal. [THAT musta gone over really well at the Warner family dinner table... ]
  • He climaxed in his eye one day and went blind [perhaps this was after the rib removal surgery?]
  • Marilyn burned his eye out with a match to look like he does.
  • Manson's parents beat him over the head on the left side and all the color drained out of his eye.
  • People at my school say that the Rev removed pigment from his left eye so that he could see black and white. [...what an intriguing idea.]
  • People keep saying Marilyn Manson got his eye taken out so he could be skull fucked.
  • marilyn manson brought a fan on stage and pulled out a jar containing his eye and made the guy eat it.
  • I have heared from a friend that manson spooned out his eye and swallowed it on stage.
  • some girl at school cam up to me and said marilyn manson pulled out his own eye with his fingers and then ate it and now he has a glass eye.
  • He had Trent bite it out and swallow it.
  • I recently heard a rumor that Manrilyn Manson popped his eye out with a spoon to flaw himself. [This Manrilyn person has an odd concept of beauty.]
  • Maralyn manson scooped out his eye with a spoon and he has a glass one now. [--and this fellow Maralyn obviously has some problems too.]
  • my mother claims she read this in a magazine: "he put bleach in his eyes and dyed them white with it, and then he uses colored contacts for the colors over the white'. she claims it was in rolling stone.
  • (V)arlyn (V)anson tore out his own eye [does he know Maralyn Manson? They seem to have some of the same spelling troubles..]
  • Marilyn Manson has a glass eye that he frequently replaces and plays with at concerts, sometimes he throws it at people [how does he get it back after he's thrown it? is it a boomerang eye? Maybe it has an elastic cord attached?]
  • marilyn manson had his girlfriend's eye removed so he could fuck her in it [y'know, somehow I don't think she'd go for that..]
  • I heard that Mr Manson got lazer surgery on his eye to make its color all wight and the doctor *fucked up* and now Mr. Manson cant see out of his right eye
  • A girl that I work with told me that Marilyn Manson sold his right eye to the devil and that is why he wears red make-up underneath his eye. [--There's something about that one I just love.]
  • manson wears got in a wood cutting accident and some wood went in his eye thats why there a different colour
  • marilyn mansons eye is all messed up because of an electric shock
  • his eye is all messed up because it got burned with a wood burning kit
  • Marilyn Manson's grandfather used to rape him when he was little and when he told someone about it his grandfather ripped out his eye... so the one he has is glass.
  • mansons eye is white because he put white out in his eye every day for seven years until it dyed his eye permanently.
  • marilyn sliced his iris with a razor to make it lighter
  • A friend told me that Manson got high and removed his eyes and several of his ribs so he could jerk off, and furthermore that Manson confirmed this in some magazine (Rolling Stone I think).[--Rolling Stone is fast catching up to MTV in the rumor-source race.]
  • AND i heard that none of that shit bout his eyes is truh exept for this: mm has a beauty-case (ripped it from Madonna, tha real one) with a collection of eye-balls, that he just stole from all kinds of people, and animals, so he can just pop eyeballs in n out. bowie and mm r pritty good friends, so he gave good old david one back.
  • Marilyn Manson was really high one night, and he thought he had something in his eye,and he tried to use a spoon to get whatever it was out, and ended up losing his eye
  • I heard that the reason Mr. Manson has a glass eye is because after one of his concerts one of the fans that was backstage went up to him and put his cigarrette out in it.
  • Marilyn Manson was smoking a cigarette that was spiked with weed. He got high from it, and then poked himself in the eye with the tip of the cigarette. Thus resulting in the miscoloration of his left eye.
  • when he was young, marilyn manson bleached one of his eyes to freak his parents out.
  • That Manson is albino, so, that's why he has to dye his hair black and wear 1 contact.
  • Marilyn Manson was in a fire thats why his skin is so pale, and his one eye is white.
  • at dinner one night at my parents freind's house their 15 or 16 year old son says " i was watchim MTV an they had this clip were it shows marilyn manson trying to rip his eye out for two hours an then he does it and bloods dripping everywhere and then he holds it real high an screams "
    [..at the dinner table. Nice.]

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