(and neither should you);

I've collected these rumors from a wide range of sources. They are displayed here solely for their amusement value, and to partially stop the flood of e-mail I get about some of 'em. They are in NO way to be taken as being disrespectful to the band--
the only people I'm laughing at here are the ones who persist in believing these.
  • Punctuation and spelling have been left as the original sources of the rumors had them. Don't blame us.
  • As noted on mainpage, comments in [square brackets] are by coyote and/or angelynx.

    Rumormill created January 1998===updated June 2009
    with love and respect to its originator, coyote (Judy Renee Pope), 1960-2007

    Short version: NO, Manson did not, ever, offer up any animal or person as a crowd sacrifice,
    with the exception of the famous Texas chicken incident (and that bird was not harmed).
    Not true, never was true, period.
    But there have been lots and lots of versions of this classic Manson legend
    (which, eleven years later, remains the #2 most asked question at the Spookhouse),
    as you can see below...

    **101 Dead Dalmatians:

  • Marilyn Manson sacrifices animals on stage!
  • Marilyn Manson has killed three (or however many) puppies at one of his concerts.
  • Manson lowered a cage of puppies into a crowd and ordered them to rip them apart [puppies rip crowd, or crowd rip puppies? Your call.]
  • Mr. Manson threw a couple puppies into a crowd one night and said he wouldn't leave until they were dead.
  • The Rev. threw puppies into the crowd and said "We won't play until those puppies are dead" and the crowd killed the puppies.
  • Mr. Manson threw 5 ducks and 5 geese into the audience and the band stopped playing. then Manson said they wouldn't start until the ducks and geese were dead.
  • Manson threw some puppies out into the crowd, and said that he would start playing when the crowd broke their necks, then threw them back up on stage, and the crowd did, then each of the band members took a bite out of one of the puppies.
  • I heard that in one of MM shows they threw 7 dogs and said that he would start the show only when the 7 dogs heads will come back on the stage.

    ---Nor do cats escape:

  • He once put 4 kittens on stage and told the crowd he won't play until the kittens' heads were on stage
  • supposedly at ALL marilyn manson shows they release a dog at the back of the concert hall/venue/whatever and it slowly will walk up towards tefron ["the front"?] and by that time only its head is remaining. [No contest - angelynx's favorite of all rumors.]
  • People in the audience put a puppy on the stage before the band started to play to see what they'd do. Manson refused to play until the puppy was dead but no one would so all the band took part in killing it.
  • My sister's friend told her that when he went to a Marilyn Manson concert, at the beginning, after the traditional ripping of a bible, he threw out puppies in a big plastic bag and made whoever caught it, just any innocent person, to rip it apart, then he would start the concert.
  • Someone else also claimed that when performing Manson threw a puppy into the crowd and several people were injured fighting to get body parts as "souveneirs".
  • someone i talked to online "knows this is true because their friend was at the concert" they weren't just any puppies that had their necks broken, heads ripped off, etc. but golden retrievers. [now, we knew he was on the outs with Trent, but that's really rubbing it in...]
  • Manson killed a chicken onstage.
  • at their louisville show, they threw dead chickens into the audience and told the audience to eat them (funny, i must have missed that part...)
    [yum! Kentucky fried!]
  • In Charlotte last year apparently he took the time to take a chicken on stage and pluck all he feathers off, then toss the poor creature into the frenzied audience. [Like Charlotte lasted long enough for that....]
  • i heard from someone that Marilyn Manson eats cat and dog legs raw and he drinks the blood from female cats after they have babies.
  • Manson bit the head off a bat. [Wasn't that Ozzy?]

    [... and, moving up the food chain ...]

  • MM was playing a concert and threw Ozzy out to the crowd and refused to play until the fans had stomped him to death.
  • Marilyn manson buys mexican kids so he can throw them into the audience during shows..
  • at a concert MrManson threw a 4 year old on stage and refused to play until he was dead.
  • Have you heard the rumor where Marilyn either hangs a child or has children in a cage lowered into the crowd and tells the crowd to kill em all?
  • I heard Marilyn Manson wanted to sacrafice a kid on his next video but MTV told him no way
  • Marilyn Manson had a scheduled concert date in Kalamazoo, MI quite awhile ago (I can't remember the date). My friend and I were driving around downtown when the local radio announcers made a comment to the effect that Manson had an elephant waiting backstage, ready to be sacraficed at the show. The announcers were, of course, being totally sarcastic, poking fun at the people who believe everything they hear. One listener, however, didn't catch the sarcasm and called a local animal shelter. She left a message on the shelter's recorder pleading the shelter to get down to the concert and save the poor elephant. Well, someone from the shelter got the message shortly thereafter and sent it to the radio station so her frantic pleas could be heard and laughed at by everyone in the area!

    ** as GWAR would say.."..necro-beastial butt sex!"
  • Manson fucked a chicken on stage
  • I heard manson fucked a pig on stage
  • Manson fucked a goat onstage at a different concert
  • ......or was it a cow?
  • i heard that marilyn manson killed a pig onstage by butt-fucking it, then the band members tore it apart and ate it raw (but this friends is delusional, so........)
  • I heard from a friend of mine that Mr Manson made a goat give him a blow-job on stage...
  • Manson either killed or had sex with a cat (I can't remember which it was. I think kill)
  • Manson does cats chickens and bunnies on stage...(How could he?? his penis won't fit)
  • Marilyn Manson also fucked a donkey up the ass on stage, the same night that he swallowed a kitten whole!!
  • And I have also heard that he fucked a goat on stage and then ate it. And that he eats rats on stage too.
  • He sacrifices goats (maaaaaaaa..) onstage

    [and the pieces de resistance of all bestiality tales:]

  • ok, my boyfriend claimes to have gone to a mm concert when he lived in cali (he lives in washingon state now, but i live here too) he said that marilyn screwed a chicken while singing, after he was finished he told the others to stop playing and they did, then he passed the chicken to ginger, who screwed it some more, when he was finished he passed it on to modanna who screwed it, then he passed it on to zim zum and so on, after the concert marilyn went into the aduience handed the chicken to a hot girl who he knew had a chicken farm [!] and he told her "take good care of mr.fucky here, remember that hes a whore and you should keep him away from other chickens because he will screw them free of charge, i mean, he screwed all of us!!"
  • my mom told me manson was in Alanta and he was giving it to a goat and the cops came to arrest him and they couldn't remove his dick and they put him in the back of the cop car with the goat, i mean i can't believe my mom said this, and that's y they weren't going to be aloud at the medowlands with ozzfest i was luaghing so hard!!!

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