This is the concert review and general show write-up section. Any highlighted date has an attached review; any date with numbers after it has more than one. Many of these were collected from the various incarnations of the Marilyn Manson Mailing List over the past two years, some came from print sources. If you have a review I don't have, and would like to see it here, please email it to me at the address at the bottom of the page.Likewise, if a review doesn't load, or seems to be attributed to the wrong date, let me know. I've tried to proofread as best I can
but mistakes will always creep in.
Note: The views and opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the individual reviewers at the time of the writing of the piece. All copyrights, etc., belong to the original writersof
each review.

opening for NIN
Portrait of an American Family Tour
tour opening for Danzig
Smells Like Children Tour
Dead to the World Tour
Mechanical Animals Tour
Guns, God, and Goverment Tour

a couple of further notes on these listings:
One-off shows are grouped with whatever they fall nearest to in material and date for the time being; i.e., the Nite of Nothing show is the first thing under the "Dead to the World" listing;
the two shows in NO from mid '95 are with the SLC tour dates.
Concerts listed in italics were cancelled for one reason or another.
Primary opening bands are listed at the beginning of their time on the road with MM; bands who were third on the bill are listed with what show(s) they played at. If you know of a band that played on any bill with MM that I don't have listed, email me!
There are errors and omissions in these listings, primarily in the first two tours. If you have ANY info that you don't see here, or cancorrect or add a date or venue--let me know. I'll be more than happyto fix the problem.

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