August 13, 1998
It appears that lyrics for several of the new Manson songs have been put up by our friends at Seems Like Salvation and Go check them out....
August 12, 1998
Press Release Nothing/Interscope Records

Fame is the inevitable result of subversion and acclaim, Marilyn Manson now returns with his most alluring rock 'n' roll album to date, Mechanical Animals, destined to infiltrate our ideologies and evoke our passions, prepare for a striking of the senses.

Track Listing

The Great Big White World
The Dope Show
Mechanical Animals
Rock is Dead
Speed of Pain
I Want to Disappear
I Don't Like the Drugs (but the drugs like me)
New Model No. 15
User Friendly
Fundamentally Loathsome
The Last Day on Earth
Coma White

Sales History

1995 Antichrist Superstar ----------- 1.5 million Copies Sold
1995 Smells Like Children ----------- 1 million Copies Sold
1994 Portrait of an American FAmily - 500,000 Copies Sold

Radio/Video/TV/Internet Promotion

The First single "The Dope Show" goes to Alternative and Rock Radio on August 12th. The video for "The Dope Show" will be ready in Mid-August. Mtv special is in the works. Internet promotions will reach millions of fans and record buyers.


Massive exposure and major features everywhere! Cover stories scheduled for Raygun, Alternative Press, and Rolling Stone with more pending, Extensive TV campaign will run coast to coast. Huge ad campaign announcing street date will begin to run in mid-August in major lifestyle magazines, Billboard campaign in 5 major markets advertising on bus benches and subway cards.

Tour Info

Extensive national tour kicks off in mid-October


Produced by Michael Beinhorn and Marilyn Manson. Additional production by Sean Beanvan. Mixed by Tom Lord-Alge

Merchandising Materials

Streamer, Postcard, Sticker, Poster, Flat, Bin Cards, Dump Bins.

Catalog #/List Price

INTD-90273 $17.98
INTC-90273 $11.98

August 3, 1998 The first single from Mechanical Animals, Dope Show, is being played on the radio in some select markets. It's available various places on the Web, too, for those of us who are not lucky enough to live in NYC or LA... Check my message board for more details. Needless to say, I've been listening to it all weekend, and I think it's great.
July 24, 1998 Read all three parts of Allstar News' interview with Zim Zum. We here at the Spookhouse wish him all the best in his future projects!
July 22, 1998 Say goodbye to Zim Zum.. MTV has confirmed their story of July 20th, announcing the departure of Zim Zum from Marilyn Manson. Zimmy has been replaced by Two's John Lowery (now to be called John 5); for more on the story please see MTV News. For another story, with more from Zim, please check out Rocktropolis' Allstar News.

July 17, 1998 Marilyn Manson's third album, Mechanical Animals, is currently slated for a September 15th release. For everyone who hasn't heard Manson's cover of David Bowie's "Golden Years", it's available around the net, and on the Dead Man on Campus soundtrack. There's also the Twiggy and Twiggy pairing of "I Only Want To Be With You"... (Of course, both the Dead Man On Campus sountrack and Mechanical Animals will be available for purchase through the link to CDnow at the bottom of this page).
May 7, 1998. The rumor that Marilyn Manson has left Nothing, and signed to TVT is just that: a rumor. There's NO truth to it, or any of its associated stories. Nada. None. Trust me; I know the personages responsible for starting this one...
April 25, 1998. Check out the new Antichrist Superstar Marilyn Manson model kit. Over 18" tall fully assembled, and one heavy chunk of resin! When I get mine built and painted I'll get better images up. Until then, at least this will give you an idea of how the winged Antichrist, and his demonic minions from hell (aka the rest of the band..) could look in your house.

HarperCollins have been kind enough to provide this excerpt from the book, and this image of the cover. Go to their website for the book to see the latest. For angelynx's review of Long Hard Road Out Of Hell please go here.