February 9, 2001: (Launch) - Marilyn Manson was expected to continue his world tour Thursday in Zurich, Switzerland, after being questioned by police in Rome, Italy, and charged with public indecency in Bologna, Italy. On Monday at the Palaghiaccio di Marino, a complaint was filed by a female fan claiming that she was forcefully thrown up on stage against her will by one of Manson's bodyguards just before a simulated sex act. The girl tried to leave the stage as Manson simulated sex with her; Manson was fully clothed, according to the report. Police did question various members of the audience in Rome but have not charged or arrested the singer as the investigation continues. Manson is overseas in Zurich, and was unavailable for comment. Manson also ran into trouble with the law on Tuesday, in Bologna. Cops there charged him with public indecency, which police claim occurred during Manson's show back on June 20, 1999.
April 28, 1999 View Manson's speech from DisInfo Con here:
DisInfo speech 1
or a slightly better version at
DisInfo speech 2.
If you'd rather just read it (and it's a worthwhile thing to read and ponder), here's a link to a transcript.
Jan. 27, 2000 Looking for a cool Manson toy? Here's a link to a new Marilyn Manson resin model kit that's come out. I just got one, it's a REALLY nice sculpting and casting job, goes together very easily (four pieces--main torso/head, arm, and two separate fingers) with super glue, or you can pin them with a metal rod if you'd rather. A highly recommended piece!
Jan. 26, 2000 Marilyn Mansin is not leaving Nothing Records. OK? You can all relax....
Dec. 16, 1999 Since many people have had trouble getting the webcast on the official site (go look--it's changed!) to play, (or simply don't have computers that can handle it), here's a transcript and description of it, graciously domated by Jason Dismay..
[shots of band performing/recording bits from three songs; John and Twiggy playing guitar and bass, Pogo (or was that ginger?) doing some programming, Manson singing. Twiggy's hair seems slightly shorter, Manson is apparently bald]

[cuts to manson sitting in a chair in what is apparently the red room in his house, which was shown on the "Rolling Stone State of the Union" special a couple of years ago, still bald and wearing a black bodysuit-type thing with black rubber circles over the nipples]

"We're introducing today the first in many changes on our web site, and I'd like to announce that the title of our album is going to be "In the Shadow of the Valley of Death." It contains songs that will hint at the story that will be told in my film Holy Wood, and this will all come out sometime next year. The album is being recorded in various undisclosed locations, including Death Valley. This is the final piece of a triptych that I began with Antichrist Superstar. The character of Omega has been disposed of, as he was a ruse to lure commercial mallgoers into the web of destruction that I have always planned since the beginning. That's not to say that any songs on Mechanical Animals were not sincere; those were all great songs that I love very much. So it was just, uh, the character that I personified was one that was much more of a satire that some people misinterpreted as reality.

"This web site will now be used more frequently, as it will be my only contact with humanity, so I would expect to see me here on a very regular basis, and I would expect you to learn with me as we see the changes that are taking place here in the year 2000.

"The new symbol that I'll be using to represent myself here on the web site and elsewhere is the symbol of Mercury. If you're not familiar with it, you'll be seeing it after this message. The symbol is most commonly used in alchemy. It represents both the androgyne and the prima materia, which has been associated with Adam, the first man. And all these things are major influences into the writing of the new album. I encourage you to do your own research on these, but from now on you'll recognize me by this symbol and this symbol alone."

(astute readers will notice that this is not precisely the symbol for Mercury, having the addition of the center dot. The true Mercury symbol is lacking this... For more derivations, theories and info check out this from Songs of Golgotha.) Please take a moment to visit, sign and support the Marilyn Manson Petition Drive Project. As explained by its creator to the Spookykids mailing list:
"After all of these posts and chats with fellow listers I came up with a small idea. I am tired of reading all this anti-manson crap post after post so I have decided to try and get some pro-Manson stuff in the news and in the Congressional Record.
Please Help!
I have turned my main website page into a site to garner support for a petition to get entered into the Congressional Record. Please visit and comment; www.marilyn.manson.com . I'm sure if we get enough signatures, I can get some congressmen to enter the comments about Manson into the Congressional record. I'm not trying to pass a law, just get a little positive recognition for Manson after all this mudslinging from ignorant political opportunists. It's a small thing. But a pro Manson thing. Feel free to comment on it (i'm sure you will :) )
I am open to other ideas and HELP! I am getting a PO box for the petiton and will add that tomorrow. Then I plan "Alerting the Media" and would love help with that too.
It only takes one congressman or senator to have something entered into the congressional record. Lots of times they will enter crap for people as favors, like happy birthday for a 100 year old guy or stuff like that. You can have 99.99% of Congress opposed, it doesn't matter. There is no vote on this. It's just a little courtesy and a small honor. I'm sure I could find one congressperson to put it in if I have a big pile of signatures. If not my own rep., perhaps Barney Frank or another sensible legislator. And after it gets entered, I can fax and email, and call and write all the media outlets and they can say something about Manson and Congress that isn't a bunch of scapegoating crap.
This is something very "doable". It won't change much, but it will be a small victory. And after all these losses, any kind of victory would be welcome."

The Spookhouse completely supports this project, and encourages everyone else to do likewise. Spread the word!
April 28, 1999 Out of respect for those lost in the school tragedy at Littleton, CA, Marilyn Manson announce the postponement of the last five dates of their tour.

"People are trying to sort out what happened and to deal with their losses," states Marilyn Manson. "It's not a great atmosphere to be out playing rock'n'roll shows, for us or the fans. The media has unfairly scapegoated the music industry and so-called Goth kids and has speculated - with no basis in truth - that artists like myself are in someway to blame. This tragedy was a product of ignorance, hatred, and an access to guns. I hope the media's irresponsible finger - pointing doesn't create more discrimination against kids who look different."
December 10, 1998 Gidget Gein, Marilyn Manson's bass player from 1990 to 1994 (all the demos and Portrait Of An American Family), has a CD out with his new band the Dali Gaggers. To order the CD, hear a sample of it, or see some new pictures of Gidget, please go to The Dali Gaggers--Just Ad Nauseam. The CD is a limited edition, all copies are signed and numbered by the band. It's really good--very Spooky Kids with a dash of punk... Recommended listening. Check it out.
December 10, 1998 Old Marilyn Manson (1992 to 1994) photos added!
November 27, 1998 More reviews of the first leg of the US Mechanical Animals tour added (see Concert Reviews button above).
October 20, 1998Show dates updated. Now available--your one-stop MM tour date info page! Many thanks to Regina for putting up this information--if you have further info concerning a date/venue (particularly the overseas shows) please let her know at gypsy@ex-pressnet.com.
Go here for current tour dates.
Also, Marilyn Manson is featured on the cover of issue #100 of CHART magazine--to find out more, please see their website.
September 23, 1998 Mechanical Animals debuts on Billboard's chat at #1! Woohoo! Congratulations, guys! To read more about it, please see the news story at MTV's site. Or, you can keep track of the charts at Billboard Online.
September 4, 1998 Marilyn Manson Direct is now open--go shop your hearts out!
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