How can I tell what version of Smells Like Children I'm about to buy in the used CD store?

All promo copies are stamped as such on the cover, and, in addition, have 'for promotional use only' printed on the disk. The cover and track listings as printed on the sleeve are identical to the regular release -- i.e., Abuse (parts 1 & 2) are not listed on the recalled version--to separate this from the more common promo is a bit tricky, but can be done. Look at the shiny side of the CD--around the center ring are numbers.
The regular release is 3 92641-2 RE-1 SRC**01 M1S2
The regular promo is 3 92641-2 RE-1 SRC**1 M1S1
The recalled promo is 3 92641-2 SRC##01 M1S1

There since have been other variants and repressings of Smells Like Children with different numbers, and slight variations in the color and design of the actual disk--all of these have contained the 'normal' tracks as opposed to the recalled version.