Can someone please explain what were Satan On Fire and Mrs. Scabtree?

Satan On Fire and Mrs Scabtree were two Marilyn Manson side projects involving Mr. Manson, Twiggy, and assorted other members of South Florida bands. Both apparently made at least one or two appearances on stage, as evidenced by ticket stubs, photos, and mentions on early Spooky Kids flyers. Satan On Fire was apparently a mock (or is that mocking?) Christian death metal band; Mrs Scabtree was a bit more eclectic, and featured Twiggy on vocals dressed as a black woman, and Manson on drums. Here's how Jessicka of Jack Off Jill described it in a phone interview with choklit:
" It was an idea that came about when a bunch of us had warehouses close together. We wrote 10 songs. Mrs. Scabtree consisted of me, Twiggy, Manson, Pogo, and several other local musicians who shall remain nameless. It involved many people crossdressing, painting their faces black, and insulting members of the audience. There were only two shows, I have both on video tape. It was definitely performance art. Actually, not even performance, just art."

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