List of official releases:

"Get Your Gunn," nothing/Interscope 6544-90902-2. Tracks: Get Your Gunn (album version), Misery Machine (album version), Mother Inferior Got Her Gunn, Revelation #9. Lyrics to Get Your Gunn are printed on disc. Child whose photo appears on sleeve is Twiggy's half-brother Wes Brown.

Portrait of an American Family (LP), nothing/Interscope 6544-92344-2. Tracks: Prelude (The Family Trip), Cake and Sodomy, Lunchbox, Organ Grinder, Cyclops, Dope Hat, Get Your Gunn, Wrapped in Plastic, Dogma, Sweet Tooth, Snake Eyes and Sissies, My Monkey, Misery Machine. (Note: "Sweet Tooth" is the only one of these which has never been a regular part of the live set.) Band credits: "Starring: Daisy Berkowitz: psychoacoustical guitars/ Twiggy Ramirez: base tendencies/ Madonna Wayne Gacy: Hammond organ, theremin, saxophone, calliopenis, brass, babies, distorted muzette, loops/ Sara Lee Lucas: hitting / and Mr. Manson: accusations, child manipulations, backwards masking, Polaroids."

--there is also apparently a promo release of POAAF that has a slightly different back cover, and is missing the bonus track.

"Lunchbox", nothing/Interscope 6544-95806-2. Tracks: Lunchbox, Next Motherfucker (Remix), Down in the Park, Brown Bag (Remix), Metal (Remix), Lunchbox (Highschool Drop-outs). All except Down in the Park are remixes of Lunchbox, with the (Highschool Drop-outs) mix being the "clean" radio edit.

Smells Like Children (EP), nothing/Interscope 6544-92641-2. Released Oct. 24 1995. Tracks: The Hands of Small Children, Diary of a Dope Fiend, Shitty Chicken Gang Bang, Kiddie Grinder (Remix), Sympathy for the Parents, Sweet Dreams (are made of this), Everlasting Cocksucker (Remix), Fuck Frankie, I Put a Spell on You, , May Cause Discoloration of the Urine or Feces, Scabs Guns and Peanut Butter, Dance of the Dope Hats (Remix), White Trash (remixed/rewritten by Tony f. wiggins), Rock'n'Roll Nigger. Remixers include Charlie Clouser of NiN and Dave Ogilvie of Skinny Puppy. Band credits: "Reverend Marilyn Manson: Spitting, Self-Mutilation, Chickens/ Twiggy Ramirez: Mini-Cassette, Fag Bass, Wigs/ Daisy Berkowitz: Analog Distorted Filth Box, Electric Twangdoodles, Cigarettes/ Madonna Wayne Gacy: Sound Deformation, Poop Games/ Ginger Fish: Kiddie Pops, Live Drums."

--The original version of SLC contained material not on the final release, including samples from the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" which the band had not secured permission to use, and the tracks Abuse (part 1) and Abuse (part 2). Promotional copies including this material were released but almost immediately recalled, and replaced with the 'regular' promo edition.

"Sweet Dreams" CD single MCA/Interscope IND 95504 Australian only release. Released July 1996. Tracks: Sweet Dreams, Dance of the Dope Hats (remix), Down in the Park, and Lunchbox (Next Motherfucker). Cover identical to Smells Like Children with the colors on the lettering reversed--orange outlined with pink.

Antichrist Superstar(LP) nothing/Interscope INTD 90086 Released October 8, 1996. Tracks: Irresponsible Hate Anthem ('recorded live, Feb. 14, 1997'); The Beautiful People; Dried Up, Tied and Dead to the World; Tourniquet; Little Horn; Cryptorchid; Deformography; Wormboy, Mister Superstar; Angel With the Scabbed Wings; Kinderfeld (this is what the song Smells Like Children became); 1996; The Minute of Decay; The Reflecting God; Man That You Fear

"The Beautiful People" (CDS) nothing/Interscope/MCA IND 95514 Released January 13, 1997. Australian single release with bonus tracks Cryptorchid and Snake Eyes And Sissies.

"The Beautiful People " (CDS) nothing/Interscope/BMG Records (UK) INDX 95541 Released June 1997. With The Beautiful People (album version) The Not So Beautiful People (remix by Jim Thirlwell), Snake Eyes and Sissies, and Deformography.

"The Beautiful People " (CDS) nothing/Interscope/BMG Records (UK) IND 95541 Released June 1997. With The Beautiful People (single version), The Horrible People (remix by Danny Saber), Sweet Dreams, and Cryptorchid.

"The Beautiful People" nothing/Interscope/BMG Records (UK) INVP 95541 Released June 1997. UK limited edition 10 inch vinyl picture disk with "The Horrible People" and "The Not So Beautiful People" remixes.

"Tourniquet" (CDS) nothing/Interscope /BMG Records (UK) IND-95552 Released September 1997. With Touniquet, the Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance mix edit, and the Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance mix (remix by Sean Bevan and Marilyn Manson).

"Tourniquet" (CDS) nothing/Interscope/BMG Records (UK) INDX-95552 Released September 1997. With Touriquet, Lunchbox, and Next Motherfucker remix.

"Tourniquet" nothing/Interscope/BMG Records (UK) INVP-95552 Released September 1997. UK limited edition 10 inch vinyl picture disk with Tourniquet, and the Tourniquet Prosthetic Dance mix.

Mechanical Animals (LP) nothing/Interscope INTD-90273 Released September 15, 1998. Tracks: Great Big White World, The Dope Show, Mechanical Animals, Rock Is Dead, Disassociative, The Speed Of Pain, Posthuman, I Want T Disappear, I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me), New Model No. 15, User Friendly, Fundamentally Loathsome, The Last Day On Earth, Coma White, untitled bonus track.