t h e m a r i l y n m a n s o n f a q i s t h e m o s t c o m p r e h e n s i v e
s o u r c e o f b a c k g r o u n d i n f o f o r t h e b a n d .

created by coyote
This is version 14, revised 08/22/98

  1. Who is/are Marilyn Manson?
  2. What are the sources of their names?
  3. What are their real names?
  4. When are the band members' birthdays?
  5. List of official releases
  6. What's the story of these cassette releases?
  7. What other promos exist?
  8. What about compilations, soundtracks, and other appearances?
  9. How can I tell what version of Smells Like Children I'm about to buy in the used CD store?
  10. I've heard that there are differences in the printing on the actual disk of POAAF and other releases...
  11. Which songs have he band done videos for?
  12. What happened with Gidget, Sara Lee,Daisy and Zim Zum?
  13. Were the members of MM involved in music before this band formed? What are past members doing now?
  14. What merchandise is available?
  15. Where can I write to them?
  16. What awards have they won?
  17. Every time I turn around they're on tour; don't they ever go home?
  18. Has anyone tracked down the sources of the skazillions of samples on "Portrait" and in the band's other material?
  19. What is an Apple of Sodom?
  20. What are the sources of the covers they've done?
  21. What are the lyrics to "Down In the Park"?
  22. What really happened with that chicken MM allegedly killed?
  23. Are the band members really Satanists?
  24. Any particular significance to the long shot of the burning lunchbox at the end of the "lunchbox" video?
  25. Who's Tony Wiggins?
  26. Who's Pogo?
  27. Who's Frankie? (of "Fuck Frankie" fame)
  28. Who's the Great Hoodoo?
  29. What's the Abbey of Thelema?
  30. Are there direct quotes from Charlie Manson and his followers in MM's work?
  31. Can someone please explain what were Satan On Fire and Mrs. Scabtree?
  32. I've heard that Marilyn Manson is really Josh Savino (or Paul Pfieffer); is that true?
  33. Further lists: TV show apperances, T shirts, & the MM poster listing

Information still being sought for this FAQ:
--further demo info;
--more information on Satan On Fire;
--information on whether the Dragonfly charity CD single (and video?) "All That's Left With Us Is Love/No Waiting Time", a We Are the World-type project, was indeed completed with Mr. Manson as one of the vocalists, as was reported in JAM Entertainment News 5/29/92;
--and/or any other glaring omissions.

This FAQ has been primarily written and brought to you by angelynx and coyote, with assistance by: EVB, mother inferior, Doug Roark, Aleck, SiCk bOy, Steph CLaB, Lloyd DePriest, Gagfish, Ralph Cavallaro, JoiK, Grim Jack, rudy, and numerous others...

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