What other promos exist?

White cover promos definitely known to exist:
"Get Your Gunn" (High School Drop-outs), nothing/Interscope PRCD 5781-2. One track only. Also known: (Edited for Television) version, PRCD 5722-2, also one track only. It's not clear at this time if these are different mixes, or identical versions with different names.

"Get Your Gunn" nothing/Interscope PRCD 5697-2 Same track listing as the regular issue; the main differences with this promo are with the cover/disk printing. The disk itself has black lettering instead of dark green, and is labeled as a promo. No front cover, the back cover is white and at the top it says "for promotional use only" in the same lettering as the lyrics of POAAF. Below that is a b&w picture of the band, and a b/w version of the commercial release's cover. Track listing below photos.

"Lunchbox" (High School Drop-outs), nothing/Interscope PRCD 5961. Tracks besides the given title are Lunchbox (LP version) and Down in the Park. - Note the use of the "High School Drop-outs" title to signify an edited version in both instances, though there's no other appearance of the HSD version of Get Your Gunn.

"Dope Hat" nothing/Interscope PRCD-6517. Contains Dope Hat (LP version), Diary of a Dope Fiend (EP version), and Dance of the Dope Fiends (remix).

"Sweet Dreams" nothing/Interscope PRCD 6643. One track, promo only release.

"Antichrist Superstar" nothing/Interscope INT5P-6042 A60803Ca One track, promo release only--no printing (other than the number)on the CD, no back or front insert--identified only by handwritten tape labels on the disk itself--"Antichrist Superstar" "Studio A-New Orleans" This version is slightly different than what appears on the album.

"The Beautiful People" nothing/Interscope INT5P-6052 A60821Na Has two versions of The Beautiful People--Clean version, and LP version. Promo release only. No front cover, b/w back.

"Tourniquet" nothing/InterscopeINT5P-6101. Contains album version of Tourniquet, nothing else. No front cover, b/w back.

"Man That You Fear" nothing/interscope. One track. Contains album version of Man That You Fear.

"Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" Contains Long Hard Road Out of Hell (Album Version), Long Hard Road Out of Hell (Critter Remix), Long Hard Road Out of Hell (Instrumental) Korn/Dust Bros - Kick the PA Instrumental) (note: there are at least two variations of this promo. Full info not currently available)

In August of 1998 promo cassettes of the song The Dope Show, from the forthcoming Mechanical Animals, were sent out to a mailing list compiled by nothing/Interscope from what appears to be several souces. The cassttee contains the same song on both sides, and was issued in rather stark gradient grey sleeve.

There are regular 'gold stamped' or stickered promos known for "Get Your Gunn", "Portrait Of An American Family", "Smells Like Children", and "Antichrist Superstar".