What's the story of these cassette releases?

They began early in the band's career with "The Meat Beat Cleaver Beat" being the first recorded, followed by "Big Black Bus" (1990), the first demo tape they offered for sale.

Meat Beat Cleaver Beat- (date unknown; surmised to be late 1989 or early 1990) tracks unknown at this time, recorded shortly after the departure of Zsa Zsa Speck and Olivia Newton Bundy.) Allegedly features only Manson, Daisy, and the drum machine; most likely never sold, but given away to a few people.

Snuffy's VCR- (date unknown) exact tracks unknown at this time; never officially released. To quote Daisy/Scott Puetesky on it: "that was some weird instramental stuff that we never sold".

Big Black Bus (summer 1990) - four songs: White Knuckles, My Monkey, Strange Same Dogma, Red In My Head. All recorded work by Mr. Manson and Daisy-- while Gidget was present at two of the three sessions, he did not contribute to any of the recordings. All music written and produced by Daisy Berkowitz; lyrics by Manson. Engineered by Ralph Cavallaro, recorded at Sync Studios in Miami, FL.

Grist-O-Line (date unknown, assumed to be fall/winter 1990) - four songs: Dune Buggy, Cake and Sodomy, Meat For A Queen, She's Not My Girlfriend. MM - Voices, DB - Guitars, Programming, GG - Bass, MWG - Keyboards. Includes lyrics.

After School Special (January 1991) - four songs: Negative 3, Lunchbox, Choklit Factory, Cyclops. Includes lyrics.

Lunchbox (1991) - four songs: Dune Buggy, My Monkey, Learning To Swim, Cake and Sodomy. (No, Lunchbox isn't on it.) Includes lyrics. "Produced and mixed by Daisy B." My Monkey is from the same sessions that produced the Big Black Bus demo, and should have the same credits as those tracks.

The Family Jams (mid 1992)- six tracks. Side Ma: Dope Hat, Strange Same Dogma, Let Your Ego Die. Side Pa: Thingmaker, White Knuckles, Luci In The Sky With Demons. Includes lyrics. First one to show copyright date: "(c) 1992 Berkowitz/Manson." Notes: "All lyrics written by Mr. Manson and all music written by Berkowitz and Gein with additional music by Gacy except "Dope Hat," written by Manson and Berkowitz. The Family Jams was recorded in live warehouse sessions during 1991 and 1992 on a Tascam Porta-One 4-track recorder, bitch, and was produced and mixed by Daisy Berkowitz with the assistance of Kurt Moody. It's not the equipment it's the technique." (Moody also receives credits on the "Lunchbox" and "Refrigerator" cassettes.) Band credits: "Daisy Berkowitz: guitars, harmonica/Gidget Gein: bass, fuzz bass, cat shit/Madonna Wayne Gacy: theremin, musette, Hammond 83, cunt sequence, harpsichord, brass, sampled guitar, bass and voices/Sara Lee Lucas: drums, digital programs/Mr. No Name Manson: character distortion, sore throat."

Refrigerator(early 1993)- eight tracks. Side One: Cake And Sodomy, Suicide Snowman, My Monkey, Lunchbox. Side Two: Thrift, Filth, Wrapped In Plastic, Dope Hat. Side One: Live tracks recorded on WYNF's 'Radio Clash,' taken from the tape LIVE AS HELL. Side Two: 4-track recordings, past and present recorded and mixed by D. Berkowitz. Writing credits: All songs copyright Berkowitz/Manson, all lyrics written by M. Manson. Music for Suicide Snowman is credited to Berkowitz/Manson/ Gein; for Lunchbox to Berkowitz/Gein; for Thrift to Berkowitz/Gein/Gacy; for Filth and Dope Hat to Manson/Berkowitz; for Cake and Sodomy, My Monkey, and Wrapped In Plastic to Berkowitz alone. ---Band credits: "MARILYN MANSON is Gidget Gein: bass guitar/Daisy Berkowitz: guitar, drum programming/Sara Lee Lucas: drums, drum programming/Madonna Wayne Gacy: sampler, keyboard/M. Manson: vocals." (Cover of cassette is ingeniously designed - by Berkowitz, artwork by Manson - to resemble a miniature refrigerator whose "door" you open with the box lid; contents included "original refrigerator art rendered by members of Marilyn Manson." )

Live As Hell - Radio Show '92 ( 1993); also known as "Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids Radio Show" - from appearance on station WYNF's "Radio Clash" program sometime in 1992. Songs played live are Cake and Sodomy, Suicide Snowman, Lunchbox, Learning To Swim, My Monkey, Misery Machine. Also a brief interview w/Mr. Manson. Source of the live tracks which comprise side one of the "Refrigerator" cassette release.

Unoffical demos in circulation:

The nameless 100-minute cassette Sometimes entitled "Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids." No credits or information included. Side One:: Dunebuggy ('91), Negative 3, Lunchbox, Choklit Factory, Cyclops, White Knuckles, My Monkey, Strange Same Dogma, Red In My Head; Son of Man, Junk the Magic Dragon. Side Two: Learning To Swim, IV-TV, Talk Of One Thought Of None, Dunebuggy, Cake and Sodomy, Meat For A Queen, She's Not My Girlfriend, Devil In My Lunchbox, Number 9, Cat In The Hat, Justify My Love.

The sequence of Negative 3 , Lunchbox, Choklit Factory, and Cyclops is duplicated from "After School Special,"; White Knuckles, My Monkey, Strange Same Dogma, and Red In My Head are from "Big Black Bus"; and Dune Buggy, Cake and Sodomy, Meat For A Queen, and She's Not My Girlfriend would seem to make up "Grist-O-Line". Dunebuggy '91 appears to be the same mix that is on the "Lunchbox" demo, as does Learning To Swim. The source(s) for the remaining tracks is still unknown.

Radio Demos - two tracks: White Knuckles, Misery Machine. (This version of Misery Machine, with its opening "Scooby-Doo" sample, sometimes shows up on tape copies of "Refrigerator" but does not belong there.)

mystery demos--three tracks from early POAAF recording sessions. These have been identified as Insect Pins, Magic 8-Ball, and Scaredy Cat (this last one was apparently never titled by the band). They are circulating on a tape with demo versions of Get Your Gunn, Sweet Tooth, and Snake Eyes & Sissies.