What about compilation, soundtrack, and other appearances?

So far, the earliest known Manson appearance on a compilation is a CD titled "Funnel Zone", released on the German label Dossier in 1991, and compiled by Ralph Cavallaro and Frank "Rat Bastard" Falestra. The original run of this CD was 5000 copies, of which only a few hundred were distributed in the US. These version of the two Manson tracks predate the band's own release of them on "The Family Jams" demo. Tracks: King Felix - Second Nature, Setrakian - Sex And Death, Quayle - Blackfish , Vociferous Mutes - Faith And Fear, Slap - Momma's Boy, Marilyn Manson - White Knuckles, Slap - Coke And Heat, Vivante Tableau - Body Tempature, King Felix - Haides, Happiness Boys - Miami, TVD - Art Attack, Vociferous Mutes - Patriots, Rivet Ecks - Rat Fuck, Marilyn Manson - Strange Same Dogma, Quayle - All And None, Chameleon Circus - Kiss Like Burning Vodka, Setrakian - R.I.S.C.

They also appear on the compilation cassette made for the Miami Rocks/East Coast Music Forum Vol. 4 (Jan. 30 - Feb. 3 1992) This was a major label showcase event at which MM and the Spooky Kids were invited to play on Feb. 1. The cassette was sent out to registered guests and industry A&R people.

A more recent compilation is the 1994 Interscope Record Sampler - "Catch A Buzz." (PRCD 5858-2), which has the 'censored for television' version of Get Your Gunn on it.

Issue 100 of "Alternative Press" (Nov. 1996) comes with a Compilation CD that includes the promo version of Antichrist Superstar.

The Jan. I997 issue (#41) of "CMJ New Music Monthly" came with yet another compilation CD that contained the promo version of Antichrist Superstar.

Movie credits include:
--an appearance of Get Your Gunn on the soundtrack CD to "S.F.W."
--I Put A Spell On You and new song Apple of Sodom on the soundtrack to David Lynch's "Lost Highway"
--The Suck For Your Solution, another new song, on the soundtrack to Howard Stern's "Private Parts".
--Long Hard Road Out of Hell, the final video from the ACS period, may be found on the soundtrack to the movie "Spawn".
Get Your Gunn also appears in the movie "Strange Days" (but is not on the soundtrack release), and Cyclops makes a brief aural apperance in "Natural Born Killers". Recently, the Kiddie Grinder remix of Organ Grinder has made an appearance in the movie Nowhere.
August of 1998 brought the soundtrack to the movie Dead Man On Campus. This contains MM's cover of David Bowie's Golden Years, a rather straightforward redition, and Twiggy Ramirez and Twiggy (the model/actress) covering Dusty Springfield's I Only Want To Be With You..

For an up-to-date listing of soundtrack/compilation/ and bootleg appearances please see the Marilyn Manson Live and Rare Discography .

As mentioned elsewhere, various band members have recording/production credits outside of Marilyn Manson. Here's specific information on what's known:
Mr. Manson:

Twiggy: Madonna: Daisy: Olivia: