What really happened with that chicken MM allegedly killed onstage/sacrificed to Satan/threw into the crowd to be ripped apart/put in their bass drum/etc.?

This incident, which has become a fundamental item in MM's personal mythology, has finally been tracked down and documented. Here's the scoop, from Dallas TX publication The Met:
"From what information we have pieced together on this incident, the Ft. Lauderdale-based band Marilyn Manson, which uses plenty of shock props in its live act, brought a chicken to its Friday, January 13 [1995] concert at Trees. ...Apparently, about halfway through the show, Mr. Manson (that's what you're supposed to call him), went to a cage where the chicken was being kept, opened it, and said something to the effect of, "Be free."

"What happened next differs depending on whom you talk to, but we're pretty sure we know which version is true. A chef at a local restaurant saw the chicken and told a friend, "Catch that and I'll cook it." The friend obliged and chased the chicken through the mosh pit which had formed in front of the stage. He caught the chicken and was then approached by another member of the audience, who pleaded for the chicken's life and actually started pulling it away. We figure that in the confusion of chasing the chicken through the mosh pit, and the tug of war that cost the chicken some feathers, many concertgoers, specifically those who were not in the pit, may have thought the chicken was being torn apart. In fact, the chef's friend lost the tug of war, and the chicken was taken away. Whether the band got it back or not, we're not certain. But we know, at least, that a rabid crowd did not slaughter the chicken with their bare hands.

"And in the band's defense (though we're not sure why we would want to defend them), Marilyn Manson did not kill the chicken onstage. How we got these letters from out-of-state animal rights organizations we have no idea. But many of their charges were based on what seem to be faulty eyewitness accounts." [The letters they refer to came from (1) Washington, accusing the band of having presented a "bloodfest" in which they "brutally dismembered and killed a chicken onstage" and (2) Maryland, accusing the audience of having "dismembered the live chicken in a bacchanalian orgy of violence."]

--There you have it. And here's the final word: "The chicken, which was requested on the band's rider (as a joke), was given to the band by the promoter of the Houston show prior to the Dallas date. She was not seriously harmed during the Dallas incident and is living on a farm outside of Dallas under the pseudonym "Foghorn".