Merry Met in The Lady's Names, All!

..and welcome to the Moonshrine! A page about the Old Religion, and some of my problems with the new ones.
The love of the Goddess, religious freedom and persecution,
and some intriguing bits of herstory and lore.

I dedicate this place to the safety of myself and my sisters. To peace. To the need for a place to dream.
I dedicate it to be the representative on this plane of a place that exists, just as the Moonshrine does,
in a space that's no real space, in between the worlds:
my beloved sanctuary, the White Temple at Morningmoon, on the western shore of the Darkride.
Blessed be and again blessed and thrice blessed be this sacred place.

I hope you spent a moment meditating at the Gate. I plan to change the gate of entry on each of the Sabbats, Solstices and Equinoxes. Thus my page will be an ongoing yearlong ritual for me. I hope it will draw me into spending more time meditating on and observing each point and its significance - maybe it will you, too.

I love this site - an Ancient Greek calendar adapted for modern neopagans.

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I confess that I have a horrified fascination with anti-Goddess, anti-history, anti-real-life Church rhetoric, and can't help reading the stuff when I find it. One of the most notorious items on that list is the 1917 epic The Two Babylons, for which I searched several years after constantly finding it referenced in *shudder* Jack Chick comics. This classic asserts that Pagan religion does not precede the coinage of Christianity, but was in fact instigated by Babylonian Rome during the historical reign of Queen Semiramis, which was, of course, 400 years after the Great Flood. It's mind-boggling.

Now you and I can read the whole unblessed thing
(trust me; you'll thank me for this experience)
right here in the safety of the Moonshrine - just go to my links page.

From here you can travel to the Dark Temple.

(Hekate portrait appears courtesy of the artist, Robin M. Weare.)

A word from our friends on the other side:
"The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women.
It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women
to leave their husbands,
kill their children,
practice witchcraft,
destroy capitalism,
and become lesbians."

---Pat Robertson, direct mail, Summer 1992

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