Lions, Lion Queens, Temples...

Sekhmet Links, an AMAZING collection of
art and information links. Lion power galore!
The Page of Sekhmet.
A real Sekhmet temple.
The Realm of All Things Sekhmet.
Sekhmet, Egyptian Goddess.
Catalog of Sekhmet images online.
Sekhmet's Temple.
Sekhmet, the Eye of Ra.
One Hundred Names of Sekhmet.

The Name of Bast
The Temple of Bastet.

The Kingdom of Lions.
World of Lions.
Planet Lion.
The African Wildlife Federation.
The World's Big Cats.
Big Cats Online.
International Wildlife Coalition.

The Worship of Cybele.
The Homeric Hymn to Cybele.
The Perseus Project
--a fine antiquities source.

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