Three Tennessee kids, one a Wiccan, are in jail for a murder I don't believe they committed.
Damien Echols believes he was convicted for his clad-in-black appearance, his love of heavy metal bands, and his non-Christian faith, which inspired the proscecution to portray the murders as Satanic sacrifices.
Damien is on Death Row.
Read about what happened (and about positive developments in late October!):

Free the West Memphis Three - the official support website.

The Center for Religious Tolerance has just awarded Rep. Bob Barr a well-deserved "Burning Times Award". Read why.
Help to defeat the so-called "Religious Freedom Act"!
The Witches' Voice has the latest news.
The Interfaith Alliance has more info.
Read about the wondrous Fields of the Nephilim.

Here are some other links I like:

The Center for Religious Tolerance, an excellent resource on all faiths.
A historical site on the Burning Times.
The Unbelievers' Page.
The magickal and Goddess art of Joanna Colbert.
Walk Like An Egyptian - excellent essays on Egypt's ancient beliefs.
The Lucky Mojo Curio Company.
Mystic, a fun site.
Inner Sanctum, a comprehensive occult site.
Sun Angel Interactive.
The Witches' Voice - news of the community.

The Witches of Virginia.

, an impressive magickal & folkloric linkspage.

---this space left in memory of the wonderful Mesopotamian Grimoire,
which I hope is still out there somewhere!---

The Queen of Heaven, a page dedicated to
Our Lady Inanna.
The WereWolf and Shifter Handbook -
all about the shifting of shapes.
The Perseus Project - Tufts University's vast Greek & Roman database.
The Witches' Little Black Book,, a comprehensive resource.
Grandmother Spider's SpiritWeb, a great linksite.
All Things Celtic!
Gateway to the Dark Goddesses.

And here are some I don't like, but offer in the interest of keeping an eye on them:
The American Family Association,
an anti-gay, anti-rock, Religious Right task force.
Some twisted ancient history.
"The Two Babylons" - 1917's "last word" on the origins of Goddess belief.
Another copy of The Two Babylons, this one with the original illustrations.

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