YULE - the Earthgate to the Moonshrine...

Welcome earth's children to Yuletide,
the Heart of the Spiral.
All stands still,
in a hush, and waits.
This is the Gate of Earth,
and through it blows a wind
bright, cold and clear;
the light of a new dawn
and a Son Reborn.

The Gate of Earth opens on deep sleep,
contemplation and silence,
the darkness in which
the Horned One our Brother
slumbers expecting,
dreams in his egg of gold.
And the Lady our Mother -
Lucina, Sunbearer -
prepares for her labor
to bring forth the light.

Our Lord draws inward,
younger and younger,
a whole oak folding
back into an acorn,
to the moment of birth;
Our Lady, the Mothernight,
shines in her mystery
of soul renewed,
new light from deep darkness.

The longest of nights.

And at its center
The spiral reverses
Turning back outward -
And the days begin to grow.

Tremendous and grand the mystery of birth,
and the shining forth at midwinter
and the dawn of the Sun at Midnight.

Sing praise to our Lady, who bears the Light!
Sing praise to glory's dawn!
Praise Her who brings forth, Creator,
Mother of Gods and Worlds;
who gives all things life,
who from her heart's ocean
raises the Sun!

And praise the Winter-Born King,
Natalis Invicti Solis,
Who dies yet ever lives,
who knows and is the mystery
of the turning wheel
of the sun that rises and sets
across the eternal sky.

Hear another version of my favorite holiday music,
The Carol of the Bells.

..take time to think and remember..
...pass through...
enter The Moonshrine.