Fields of the Nephilim - Photos

Updated October 2007--I'm very sorry that so many of these files have been inaccessible for so long.
I think the problems have all been repaired now, but will check the stats next week to be sure.

Here are some Nephilim photos scanned from issues of Melody Maker, New Musical Express, Sounds, Record Mirror, B/Side and a few other sources dating from 1987 to 1991. Please forgive the unattractive moire' patterns in the black and white pix - this is a problem in newsprint photos that my Photoshop skills are not up to defeating.
Please note that the copyright for these photos remains with their original publisher -
they are here for all Nephilim fans to enjoy, and should not be put to any commercial use!
Thanks for respecting this provision.

Band Photos:

Carl Photos:

Here are some scans from Marvel's HELLSTORM: PRINCE OF LIES, which any Neph fan ought to see...

The gem of my collection! (Yes, that's Carl's signature complete with sigil!)
--Click small image to get a better look.
..and one of me, looking my very most Gothic. =)

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