The Nefilim, "Chaocracy"

If one thing characterised Fields of the Nephilim, it was order. Even at their most dramatic, they always seemed considered, premeditated, governed by a ritual sense of reason and design. No step of theirs was ever taken at random or left to chance. Their careful focus placed them at the center of the vast open space they created, gave them the vantage of the whole horizon; their internal order gave them contemplation, echoing stillness, a memorable elegance and grace.

You can forget those now. Order, elegance, grace and space are the last applicable words in this incarnation: welcome to Chaos. A fast, massive, frightening juggernaut of barely-contained power, Chaocracy kicks out of the gate with a stunning smash of sound and doesn't let up until it drops you in the dust 4:47 later. No space between you and it, no room to breathe, it's like being crammed into a closet with Pazuzu. It's dense and almost damagingly loud, and Carl's vocal is Submission dragged over hot coals. Perfect in every way for an invocation, a wholehearted acceptance of Chaos as guiding force, total energy, driving dynamo of one's life. "Guided by the Lite of Hope - yeah - the lite of hope, but fools, your reward is neither here nor after." Exultant, ferocious, proud of its new wings. And it's plain to any ear that, whoever the Nefilim are**, they're in tune with this intention. No internal contradictions, nothing at odds; sound and story are seamlessly welded into one purposeful unit, each the perfect reflection of the other. It's not a song about but a manifestation of.

So, prepare. Approach this expecting anything familiar, and be run down.(There's even a formula metal guitar solo, for those requiring concrete proof that we're no longer in the lands we knew.) But Chaos and the Zos Kia require abandoning allegiance to any form of god, and drawing one's strength from within, from the untapped resources of the human mind incarnate and atavistic.
This is that. This comes forth by itself, cloaked in the smoke of burning bridges.
This is the new world. And it calls for attention and sharp claws.

It's easy to decide you're not ready for this; don't do what's easy. Walk into it, turn it up, decide for certain if that feeling is terror or exhilaration. Think about going over the cliff. It's been said that revelation of the true workings of the universe would inevitably drive us to either madness or a new dark age: I think not: we have choice. Think about the age of light and heresy, think about chaocracy, decide. Look back at the lost age of grace and order, then look forward. And think about sharpening those claws.

--Paula O'Keefe
August 1993

** = at the time of writing I did not know the names of any of the Nefilim members; I have elected not to update the piece but to leave it as composed.

---As published in The Watchman III, August 1993; written on commission from The Watchman and Sheer Faith. Copyright theirs, not mine.

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