"From the outside I always looked like somebody who was totally in the groove of
what the civilization values and wants - I was athletic, I was academic,
I was presentable looking, I went to the right schools.
So outside I was always accepted and acceptable.
Yet I ...I hear voices in my head.
Do you hear them? Please say you hear them."

--David Duchovny, DETAILS Magazine, June 1997

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The official Fox site is www.thex-files.com.

The X-Files Mining Co.. is a SUPER cool place to go
for rumors & news on upcoming episodes.

Another terrific source:The Ultimate X-Files Information Site. Amazing!!


Area 77 is proud to be an Amazon.com Associate - we'll help you find the neatest X-related, paranormal and astronomical books Out There! All of the official Season Guides are available, plus enough X-related reading to fill a buried boxcar!

...like all x-philes martiangirl loves Mulder and Scully, but she has a deep soft spot in her heart for NICAP's own Max Fenig and Lone Gunman Ringo Langly. if you love them too, please visit
my fangirl page.

...and because she loves Mulder and Scully, she's proud to maintain a Local Temple of the
Church of the Holy Partnership.

...martiangirl's favorite X-Files sites.

"- and all the roads we have to walk are winding
and all the lights that lead us there are blinding
there are many things that I would like to say to you
but I don't know how..."

FOX Network's X-Files site and episode guide.
FX rerun schedule is here.
The Rutgers X-Files site - the first and still one of the best.
X-Files Timeline - a priceless resource!
Ketchup on the X-Files - a great introductory site.
More X-links.
The X-Files Experience.
The Netpicker's Guide to the X-Files
- more X-trivia than you can shake a plam at
(but only for the first 3 seasons =(.

The X-Files In-Jokes List - a resource no 'phile should be without.
Sarah Stegall's XF reviews - THE best X-phile writing Out There, in my opinion.
X-File #9637: The Alien Antichrist is an X-Files/Marilyn Manson fanfic written by me and
a fellow Spooky/'Phile. Enjoy=)
Dean Haglund (Langly!) has his own website!
UFO Folklore on the Web - miles of neat links.
Proof of alien experimentation in human genetics...=)


Strange Magazine - terrific Fortean site.
The Fortean Times.
The Paranormal Project, a neat archival site.
Lore of the Loch, a site for Nessie fans everywhere.
Alien Abduction accounts and more...
Cryptozoology - serious study of unclassified creatures.
The International UFO Resource Center.
Beyond Weird - brilliant anomalies/conspiracies site.
BlackOps - Robert Anton Wilson's new book and website.
The 60 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time.
Roswell-Tunguska connection?
Sci-Fi Conspiracies.
Frequently Questioned Answers - The alt.skeptic FAQ.

and for our 'shipper friends...

"Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."
-- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The X-Files 10 Best Lists.
Gertie's Shipper-Friendly X-Files Page.

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