The 50th ANNIVERSARY of the

--- July 4, 1947 ----

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the most famous was-it-or-wasn't-it
and if-it-was-where-did-THEY-hide-it incident in the history of American UFOlogy,
I am establishing this page of UFO, extraterrestrial and paranormal links.
Each one has a wealth of connected links and offers hours of fascinating reading.
Fellow X-philes and all other skylight chasers, welcome!
[Links checked and updated August 1999.]

(and an extra special welcome to our Martian friends - we know you're there!)

What did Blue Oyster Cult know and how did they know it?...

Admissions of cover-up by the CIA...

The Air Force's official position.

The Black Vault, an intensive info source on government involvement in the UFO mystery.

Parascope and UFO Mind
- which includes the indispensable UFO Master Index and Area 51 Index.

The Roswell Resource Centre.

exoScienceUFO - great site of UFO info and links.

"Roswell: Anatomy of a Myth"
The SETI Project.
BUFORA, the British UFO Research Association.
UFOINFO, an extensive source.
WWW Space and Mystery.
The International UFO Resource Center.
The Global UFO Network.
Beyond Weird - a cool aliens-and-anomalies site.
Roswell-Tunguska connection?
Frequently Questioned Answers
- The alt.skeptic FAQ.
In Search Of... - fan site for the classic TV series, w/linkage.
The Pleiades Index - info on alien societies and technologies.
Return of the Nephilim - a Christian perspective on UFOs.
A UFO skeptic's guide.
"The Roswell Briefing"
The alt.alien-visitors FAQ.
UFO Folklore on the Web - miles of neat links.
Proof of alien experimentation in human genetics...=)

Silly UFO Tricks...

..for a homesick martiangirl...

NEW! Martian weather news from CNN!
Wings Over Mars!

Cosmic Baseball - one of the strangest things martiangirl has ever read...

Oct. 30th, 1998 - 60th Anniversary of the First Invasion!

War of the Worlds 60th Anniversary - CNN's report.

April 7th 1998 - Cydonia Update!!
New photos from JPL - you decide!

Mars Direct.
The Mars-Earth Connection.
The Mars Society.
CNN's "Destination Mars" - now updated with summaries of what's been learned since Pathfinder's mission.
More "Mars/Egypt Connection" ideas.
The War of the Worlds - H.G. Wells' complete text.
The Whole Mars Catalog = most extremely cool.
Ray Bradbury Gallery.

More on Ghidorah, including a soundfile.

...half a century and the truth is still out there...or is it?...

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