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--here's my page dedicated to the most wonderful of all TV shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000. even at its worst it was unique: but in its best years, from 1989 to 1995, it combined an original concept with a poignant humanity and sweet goofiness that made it incomparable. people who praise only the show's humor and sharp cleverness are missing, i think, what truly made it special. under conditions intended to break him, Joel Robinson asserted the best of the human spirit: he built a family [literally!] and taught it to respect all life and meet cruelty with humor, loyalty and courage. it didn't always work that way - the 'bots, for all their charm, were still machines, capable of answering Joel's most touching lessons with snide indifference - but in their finest hours they stood united against the worst a bitter genius could sling at them and came out shining. i love love love this show all the way from the KTMA movies to the end of Season Five.

my episode guide originally appeared in my MST fanzine Shadowramma -
it's never been on the web before...

...after that I just couldn't care anymore...

Lyrics to just about all the songs from Seasons 1-6.

also here will be my only completed piece of MST fanfic, Monster Movie.

and i'll be choosing some MST links to put here too.

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