martiangirl loves max and ringo...

...i hear you say, haha, martiangirl likes geeky nerd guys. right you are. martiangirl truly likes geeky nerd guys. m-girl is herself a geeky nerd, w/glasses too, and has always felt that empathy with malethings is only possible when they're just as smart and weird and socially inept as oneself.
and of all geeky nerd guys these are two of the most lovable.

how can you not love dear lost gypsy Max,
the martyr to our cause, the Saint of the Unexplained?

who could not love bro Ringo,
a worldclass communications expert in the clever guise
of a clueless headbanger,
shaggy as Garth but sharp as a maptack?

social inepts? you bet. Fenig lived in a wonderful world-communications hypernet yet in total isolation, his only real confidantes a pseudosister and an FBI agent. Langly lives in the Lone Gunmen office (can you picture him having an apartment?), his only friends the other LG and - who else - the same FBI agent.
and all of 'em are so paranoid they make Mulder look trusting and naive.

yet these are beautiful minds capable of apprehending stunning complexities and dealing with ideas that would poleaxe lesser folk. they have thrown aside all lesser concerns
to scrutinize the Big Picture.

i love these guys. they are martians, like me, children of this solarsystem yet not earthlings at all.
they are my fellow netdwellers and my kith-and-kin.

---here are some links about them:

Here's my only XF/Lone Gunmen fanfic, "Sword on Your Shoulder". TLG and Scully finally have that heart-to-heart talk...
(--if the link doesn't work go to and look under Angelynx in the Author Index, or under the story's title in the alpha index.)

Dean Haglund has his own site!
...and will sign autographs!...

the LGEB made this nifty banner available...

--a cool LG shrine.

"Saint Max", Sarah Stegall's beautiful review of "Tempus Fugit" and "Max".

NICAP, the National Investigative Committee on Aerial Phenomena, founded 1956.

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