The Church of the Holy Partnership
--(martian parish)---

Sister and brother believers, we are here to put aside all discord and set aside our personal loyalties to the Blessed Saint Scully or the Questing Knight exalt and share our loving faith in the Holy Partnership.
For truly, without the other, neither would be.

We praise them at their finest, one nation indivisible.
We praise the courage, strength, loyalty and compassion that each has shown and that each has inspired in the other...the lives saved and the hands held and the vigils patiently waited, the dangers faced, the lies and the truths alike bravely told.
We assert - disagree who may - that the bond forged here transcends mere desire, transcends even romance, to become true love in the highest sense. A love tested in the hardest of fires, pure and clean as steel. The love of comrades, friends, equals: spirits on the path. Partners.

We scorn foolish rumors;
we discard inconsequential Spenders.
Like the Holy Partners, we fear not.

Pause a moment to meditate on the Partnership,
and in the Creator's name, go in peace.

Today's Selected Partnership Moment: The courtroom scene from "Terma". No, I don't mean the hug; I mean the moment in which they speak together about why they need to go to Florida. It starts when they share that they've each made some discoveries about the biohazard; then Mulder turns Scully away from the others with a touch on the shoulder and asks her with such can't-wait curiosity, "Boca Raton?" Look at the way they stand shoulder-to-shoulder, leaning in, shutting out the rest of the room. Dig the intensity of their focus, the conspiratorial keenness of Scully's whisper ("Guess what..?" as if it were a secret between them), Mulder's unmistakable on-the-scent gleam and little smile. --Together again and on the same course. Just beautiful.

The CotHP Articles of Faith, as expressed by our Founding Mother, Paula Graves:
"Join us in the Church of the Holy Partnership,
where blessings are many and doctrines are few:
At the Church of the Holy Partnership, we believe in what's called
the "priesthood of the believer"
---every member is free to interpret the partnership in whatever way he or she wants.
Our only doctrine is the "Five Articles of Faith":
>1. I believe in the inherent rightness of the Mulder/Scully partnership.
>2. I believe that neither Mulder nor Scully
is more right, more sane, or more put-upon than the other.
>3. I believe that the partnership renders Mulder and Scully
even better as a team than they are as individuals.
>4. I believe that true partnership bonding moments can make
even the worst plots seem more palatable.
5. I believe that any serious attempt to subvert the partnership
also subverts the good of the show.
Beyond these foundational tenets of faith, we are open to many
different interpretations of the partnership. Come. Join us. :)"

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