Author: [omega symbol] July 28, 1999 Subject: TOMORROW...AT LAST WE MEET AGAIN Article: Hello from the depths of Holy Wood... My fantastic band and I are busy composing music to usher in the Age of Horus. The hate furnaces have been ignited once again, and it's good to see the world still despises us. We are censored and stopped at every turn. We are sabotaged, we are smeared with false press. This right here, you and I is the only thing that is real. Your support and dedication has made us survive this and we have returned to kick ass and take names. We will see the inauguration of a new worm. In the name of JEHOVAH LUCIFER SATAN and THEIR UNION THROUGH THE MAGICIAN, JESUS CHRIST MARILYN MANSON July 29th, 1999 Author: [omega symbol] Subject: A THANK YOU Article: I want to thank the old fans, the new ones and the unsure ones for all tuning in to our conference. The heart of true magic is in the words, behind the words, believing that there really are no words. Abracadabra translated literally means, "I will create as I speak." We are all that's left. Those that don't believe, don't believe themselves. Now is not the time to be happy that there is a union, that anyone who wants IT can have IT. knowing IT is all you need. You are the best and most gifted fans, and I hope that each one of you gets the world's attention, you deserve it. Again Thank You, MARILYN MANSON August 16, 1999 Author: [omega symbol] Subject: this is the end, my only friends Article: thank you all, far and away for helping us live through such a tumultuous tour. We finished at Mount Fugi in Japan and it is quite a relief to be home. I have something special planned for the release of GOD IS IN THE TV, to reward those Los Angeles fans for their missed show. The video will contain all the behind the scenes I can offer, the things that the record company will censor will be available here! Coma White is at MTV, I don't know if they will play it because of the subject matter, but it will appear in it's entirety on GOD IS IN THE TV. Also set for release is Astonishing Panorama of the End Times, which states "VIOLENCE FOR THE PEOPLE, GIVE THE KIDS WHAT THEY NEED." I imagine it will be censored to say "milk and cookies for the kids" by the fascists. The live album is also finished and I hope to share that with you as well, it covers all of our albums and some extra unreleased items. I am writing to you from Kern's Gate and from Death Valley the birthplace of our new album. Details to follow. With the shedding of skin we have discarded our Mechanical Animal clothes, costumes stage items, etc. This will be available for auction and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity. I love you all in the only true sense of the word. In the Name of Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan and their union through Christ and JFK THE THIRD AND FINAL BEAST Oct 10 1999 Author: [you-know-who] Subject: death valley Article: album, movie. I love those who love themselves. In the name of Jehovah Lucifer Satan and Jesus Christ the third and final beast, I am on my way. god bless those who doubted. Marilyn Manson Nov 8 1999 Author: Subject (response to his previous post) Article: Seraphim Nov 8 1999 Author: Subject: manson a christian? Article: don't be alarmed. I have no desire to buy into the slavery of modern Christianity. I am seaking a greater explanation. I can't wait to share it with you. from Death Valley Marilyn Manson Nov 8 1999 Author: Subject: TO THE ONES LISTENING Article: I am in the process of fulfilling my promise to revamp the site. include art of mine and others. record a new album. make a movie. spend time in Death Valley. hopefully the live album will keep you company in the meantime. we should prepare to fight for our freedoms that are quickly slipping. not just censorship. thought. soul. watch a film by Bunuel called Viridiana, it's one of my favorites. it was banned and caused a riot in its time. So did Fando and Lis by Jodorowsky. sadly, it is up to us to keep little brother (ourselves) from taking away our right to think and dream. the bible and shakespeare, although beautiful in their descriptions, couldn't be more violent than any pitiful rock album or movie of our time. I wish you all luck in this dying world and my album is my testimony. The world has disappointed me now more than ever and I thank them for giving me the hatred to create this destructive force of music I will let loose next year. Sincerely with love and I am the third and final Beast, Marilyn Manson someone on the bbs said this: Subject: Manson, No disrespect, but you got ALOT of Nerve Article: I'll be the first to say that I don't know the whole story between you and Trent but from what I DO know I'd say that You Have Alot Of Nerve to publicly disrespect the man who, in my opinion, is SOLELY responsible for you having as wide a fan base as you have. If not for him you would PROBABLY still be playing in shit bars in Florida. AGAIN I MUST SAY I MEAN NO DISRESPECT TO YOU after all I have been a fan of yours since the first single,(GYG) and definetly support your message. I just want to see the two of you back together. I would also like to hear your side of the story. If you read this, Manson, just know that I and MANY of the mutual fans you share with NIN are disappointed with this SEEMINGLY childish disrespect of one another. JP so manson replied first with this: Author: [omega] Subject: RE: Manson, No disrespect, but you got ALOT of Nerve Article: to keep it short, I have had nothing but good things to say, despite my alleged betrayal. I consider Trent like a brother and I miss him. However, I won't sit back and get bashed when I have provided him with about 10 million dollars in income. I wish him luck. I am my own world, his is what it is. I have never wanted to compete. sincerely marilyn manson and then added this: Author: [omega] Subject: I Have nerve Article: I doubt I would be doing anything other than this, with or without anyone's help, because will power is the only path to getting your dreams. this subject is pointless and only one that Trent really needs to bring up. I'm quite busy thinking about my art. good night all mm then someone else said this: Author: Mike Barnhart Subject: MARILYN if you read this today please inform your flock as to who Iam and...... Article: What Song I inspired. See just when you think your fans really know you they Don't! See you in Hell Marilyn Or Canton whichever comes first! Yes I called him Marilyn outta respect for his Art! and manson said this: Author: [omega] Subject: who Iam and...... mike barnhart Article: yes, it is sadly true that some boy named Mike Barnhart used to kick my ass when I was in junior high. It's a shame I didn't have a gun. Fortunately I grew up to be something else. Not better, just different. I hold no grudges. I hope your trailer is warm Mike. It gets cold in those parks this time of year. Love, the third and final beast Marilyn Manson and clarified with this so that the jr high kids didn't go get their guns and put holes in the Mike Barnharts of their little worlds: Author: [omega] Subject: it was a shame i didn't have a ... Article: sarcasm, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Author: [omega] Subject: mike barnart / trent reznor Article: I know Mike knows I was just having a laugh. Mike, thanks for making me realize I was pussy with no confidence. Junior high can be ugly. Best of luck. p.s. I like trailers. Most of my family comes from one. And as far as Trent, I don't give a shit about making money. I have fun being an artist and I'm thankful people let me. I'm also glad he got me started. And he's the same way. He has more integrity than anyone I know. But I have made him rich. So he should smile. Love and I am back to Death Valley, see you in some weeks ahead. Marilyn Manson Author: [omega] Subject: alleged new manson demos Article: First of all we have not written any songs remotely related to those titles. Secondly, I am not recording in any studio and do not use cassetes ever. Just want to clarify rumors before they get ridiculous. Nice try though, Marilyn Manson Author: [omega] Subject: last post for tonight Article: Raven, you can find me on aol, if you are who you think you are. Sorry, to everyone else. I wasn't ignoring you. It's wonderful to hear from you. Suprises are on their way. MM=2000 Author: [omega] Subject: HERE IT IS Article: The posts were cleared to make space. New ideas. New ways of thinking. That's all. I may not post for some time as I am going away from "civilization" for awhile. In the meantime, my site will slowly change day by day. And Omega and the symbol will be dead. Thanks to everyone who appeared on TLTOE. I hope you can hear yourselves in the backround. If you weren't there, I hope the cd makes you feel like you were. We are born as angels and our parents are God. They make us in there image. We follow their commandments. When we reach the age of reason, the Age of Horus, we can no longer be what our "parents" our "god" our "society" would like us to be. Maturity, sensibility, rebellion, 15. This is when we fall. This is Lucifer. Being what you want isn't wrong. The story has always been written from someone else's perspective. Now