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do you know the meaning?

Author: Omega015
Subject: birth

thank you for the warm regards motherfuckers
see you soon mm

Author: [omega.gif]
Subject: back in the usa

to all the beautiful supporters from every country, the band thanks you.

to whiny posers to assume to know more than me, or believe everything they read. fuck off

does anyone think that I listen to your bullshit?
would I be who I am if I listened to others opinions?
I do what I feel is right.
that's what we all should do.
I don't expect anyone to follow me. We are together in this. Christianity is the least of my enemies. Self doubt can destroy you quicker than anything.
Thanks to your support, I believe in what I do and I believe in you.
Anybody who is "too cool" to like my band now because they like the limp orgycotica's of the world --that's fine. I'm not going to change what I believe, even if you think I have.
We are stronger than ever, and this is a fucking revolution. So let's act that way.


Marilyn Manson

please repost in all manson message boards. thank you.

11:20 PM
subject: pay attention

i was not in the chat, nor will i be.

i will be doing a video chat in the next few weeks, where we can discuss things one on one.

love and i am,
marilyn manson.

do me a favor and deliver my previous message to those people in the alt.music boards who overestimate their intelligence, opinions and relevance in the world.

11:53 pm 2/4/99

I'm very proud of your creativity.
keep it up, because if I can be a star so can any of you.

Let me tell any disbelievers, I'm not ashamed to be a success
at what I love to do. If anyone thinks I am more successful
because I shed my so called "goth" image or sound, you're wrong.
I will always have trouble getting to the mainstream.
I congratulate and thank you guys for getting us this far.

I change because I like to be different than what's around me,
when other bands change their eyes like I did 7 years
ago (limp dick, psycornica, even my friend rob z.) or do goth
covers of 80s songs (orgly) or every person I see has black hair
--I just wanted something more interesting to me. I'm not
saying I dislike any of those things (my hair is still black by
the way), I just wanted something new. I'm inspired by things
I liked as a kid and try to bring back true rock n roll.
If it becomes a formula then fuck it. I do this because I enjoy
it, my band enjoys it and you enjoy it.

Hole? you may ask yourself.
what could be more interesting?
phony videos.com?
yeah, and I was on the wonder years.
dismembered acss?
evolved...haven't you?

we are making the most beautiful and disturbing video we have ever done--
Coma White

my gift to you
marilyn manson

12:00 am 2/5/99
Subject: 19
i love you and your poem

2/5/99 12:27 AM

I will be posting the numbers of radio stations in every city later this week. If we bombard them, we can help destroy their lame selection of music. I am looking for dedicated missionaries that are willing to waste their spare time doing this work. we are capable of making radio stations play a song that says DRUGS over and over.

anyone interested keep looking here
I will compile a list of people in each city and I will guarantee back stage passes.

in the mean time you guys probably know your local request lines.
hassle them for DRUGS

I will deliver you into the backstage promised land.

marilyn manson

2/5/99 12:31am

i didn't see it

this video is a bit of a trailer for some of the concepts in my upcoming film

marilyn manson

2/5/99 12:45am

I like that movie, and your ideas are good.

2/5/99 3:16 pm

Subject: RE: mr. masnon...

read my radio attack post. that will get you passes

2/5/99 3:24 pm
subject:RE: Marilyn Manson-- is www.speedofpain.com ur sight????

this site and comawhite.com are my only sites

2/5/99 4:00 pm

How many of you are familiar with the pretentious few in aol message boards? STARK and his pals?
Let me have a laugh.
isn't it interesting that someone is inspired by you, admires you to the point that they share your ideals. Then one day they think they know more than you, or are "too cool". Or that these were their ideas to begin with. They forget why they are there in the first place. so they just complain about what was or how they have more integrity, blah, blah...ad nauseum.

I encourage or challenge anyone who thinks they can do what I
do to just do it. Be my guest.

write an album.
make a video. I'll buy it.
Trust me, I love criticism. I'm a critic.
I just pity and detest uncreative whiners, and armchair rock stars. Be something before you try to challenge someone else's dreams.

Those few "elitist" fans treat us real music fans and music makers just like the rest of the world we fight so hard to smash.

I'd waste my energy destroying manson bashers, manson traitors or every bullshit christian I see. But I go to bed knowing they will wake up everyday and have to live their shitty, miserable lives and THAT is the worst punishment of all.

so someone asked how should we handle assholes?
remind them they're losers and ignore them.
If that doesn't work, find out where they live and remind them in person.

I love you and the band thanks you for kicking ass. Let's conquer these shitty radio playlists and start our fucking revolution!

marilyn manson

2/5/99 4:37 pm
[in reference to www.angelmanson.com's webmaster]

email me you know where

2/5/99 4:39 pm
[in reference to a fan wanting other band members to post.]
Subject: RE: HEY MOTHER FUCKIN CUNT (yeah you Omega)...... WHY DONT OTHER MEMBERS POST???? ~Nt~

i can't make them post. if they want they will.

2/5/99 4:51 pm
Subject: 19

could you post your email for me please

marilyn manson

2/6/99 1:42

do I have anyone's attention?

I have not been hacked and that was me the past few days. to those that said I wasn't being an asshole, go fuck yourself. It's those kind of comments that make us all act like assholes. Next week there will be a list created to give passes for each city (not tickets). Stay tuned for those numbers to radio stations. I know alot of you have already started. That kind of support is unbelievable. You are undoubtedly the greatest fans in the world. New or old. And to wannabe-elitist fans who think if you bought mechanical animals at the mall, you're not cool enough--well, other fans said that about them when they bought sweet dreams, etc...

I'm here for a few minutes to talk

marilyn manson

2/6/99 1:45pm
Subject: RE: a word about our mission


2/6/99 2:45 pm
Subject: very important metalham

I just read metal hammer and both interviews, mine and twig's are COMPLETELY fabricated. In fact I doubt anything in that article is true, just slag. so read it if you want but it's not from this band. I am talking to the owner on monday. But who really cares, people love to make shit up, I'm use to it.

marilyn manson

2/6/99 2:22pm
Subject: anyone that goes to usenet

I don't expect you to do everything I say. I'm just communicating,
if you can help, I thank you.

could you please tell scummy4@alt music
this is me
and to go fuck himself.
by the way if he has a complaint, come see me in person,
rather than acting brave behind an anonymous screen name.
any city, no bodyguard required.

marilyn manson

2/6/99 2:27
Subject: RE: Follow Yourself...

I think I do for myself and I think most fans are here to support. Isn't that we are doing on this page?

no one here is blind, we all want to fuck with the world--I'm just asking for help. Not commanding.

marilyn manson

2/6/99 2:31
Subject: RE: at ozzfest in wisconsin you let me on the tour bus and i had to beg you to let my boyfriend on the bus...

i remember everything

2/6/99 2:37pm
Subject: RE: anyone that goes to usenet

festival june

2/6/99 2:49 pm
Subject: RE: please make a video for either last day on earth or rock is dead

thank you. There will most likely be a live video for ROCK IS DEAD, following COMA WHITE. LAST DAY ON EARTH will be featured in our film...

marilyn manson

2/6/99 2:51 pm
Subject: RE: very important metalham

i love to tell a story. however, this one in particular lacks any purpose or flair.



sometimes we admire the feathers and ignore the dying bird.

marilyn manson


in my dream vultures chase me into my burning house. there, they pick out the brains of my family, dismember them--
I emerge from my home and I am burning, skin falling away like a snake as the structure crumbles into a black skeleton.
I cannot fight off the vultures.
a young man or woman emerges from the ashes.
he/she doesn't save me, because he/she is holding my cracked and swollen heart in one hand and a piece of paper in the other.

i can read it.
it discusses and compares in great detail the differences between me and the vultures.
he wraps my heart in the paper and tosses it to the ground.

can you see?

11:30 PM - understand, explain

sometime in our life, our creations will experience an exegesis.
they won't need us.
i don't just mean machines

11:36 PM - 19, 19, 19do you have a screen name


February 9, 1999

2:11 PM - UPDATE

I hope everyone had time to read my posts last night.
they are meant for you to learn something from.

the radio call-in system is beginning to work, so please continue requesting "I don't like the drugs..." I find it amusing to think normal people will be singing along to that and not get the irony. Lizard King and steve at angelmanson are in charge, so please help them find more missionaries. the names for passes are being filled in each city so talk to them soon.

another thing, if anyone wants to relay this particular statement to other newsgroups. 5 out of 6 Big Day outs were completely sold out and the one that wasn't had over 25,ooo fans. Just because one show went bad doesn't mean our headlining festival of Australia (we did choose our slot, because we were the headliners) was a failure. It was a huge success and I thank the fans who came to see us. We only stopped our show because a glass bottle cut my leg open and Pogo got a concussion, we weren't booed off. I wish we were. It's like the old days. That's rock for you.

Love and I am,
marilyn manson


Author: [Omega symbol]

Thank you for your brilliant poetry and ideas, it's great to see us using this mechanical format for something important.
in this age, we're dying
and I want to make a few more things for you before all is said and done

a gun only contains so many bullets
so please watch where each one of mine lands

I'd like to talk to you next week live

rock is dead will actually be the next single, coma white will follow

this bbs is being recreated to feature sections for each bandmember

I do love you and I wish we didn't have to die like this.
but that's what we asked for.

marilyn manson

Author: [omega symbol]

sorry for missing the chat last week friends and lovers.

i am here in seattle and the weight of rock and roll seems heavier than ever. the pain of this town feels real.

the rock is dead tour is underway and i will be keeping you updated. you guys are the best fans and you remind me that we're not as lone as we feel.

hallelujah motherfuckers,
marilyn manson

Author: [omega symbol]
Subject: important information for you

the video for rock is dead will be on mtv next week. it is from our current tour. we also shot coma white which will be released later.

i am busy working on the screenplay for my film that we're shooting this summer.
i hope this clears up some of the rumours and confusion.

after reading omega.com i noticed that there were some messages that i did not write, and I have since corrected the security leak. there is some aol message board that may be responsible (mm/spookykids) and some guy named starkypoo. I don't know if this was some ploy for notoriety but if any of you are from there or usenet I want to let you know I do not condone this nonsense.(you can repost this there if you want)

thanks for kicking ass spokane, vancouver, and seattle.

marilyn manson

Author: [omega symbol]
Subject: backstage

sorry i missed the backstage in seattle and vancouver. there wasn't one in spokane.

I injured my hand and was soaking it in ice.


Author: [omega symbol]
Subject: RE: Omega015.....one last question....

are there hole fans?


Author: [omega symbol]
Subject: RE: not real

i don't have time to justify to you on my website that i am ME.
go fuck yourself if you don't believe.
(did that sound like what I am supposed to sound like?)

last time I respond to morons,
marilyn manson

Author: [omega symbol]
Subject: RE: Omega015 motherfucker...

Plastic? tell that to the guys with stitches in their heads. You lost respect? like I give a shit.

would you have more respect if I hit you with a bottle of whiskey? anybody that can hide behind a screen name thinks their invincible all of a sudden.

See Manson's 3/99 post to the AOL Manson board mm/spookykids here.

Date: Mon, Mar 8, 1999 18:12 EST
Message-id: <19990308181247.10436.00000076@ng120.aol.com>

There were extremely serious problems the first week of the tour, the entire tour was almost cancelled because of all the problems, but I worked everything out and I'll see everyone in san francisco.

anybody that got left out I'll send them some shirts although I know it's not the same.


Author: (omegasymbol)
Subject: announcement to all fans

I'm in SF and I'm pleased to say the tour is on track. Due to extreme problems being caused by HOLE, we were unable to attend the aftershows. This has all been fixed. Well, I should say that it appears to be war between us and Hole. I don't expect them to last very long.I'll see you in 2 days and I will make it up to anyone I missed.

reclaiming rock,
marilyn manson

June 1, 1999

just to say hello.
i have not forgotten anyone.
unfortunately the fascist, corporate sellouts that did everything in their power to help disrupt my tour plans have interfered in radio and tv transmissions as well. but i took my time thanks to rolling stone and kurt loder and said what I needed to say.
i have been busy writing my new album and screenplay, as well as prepairing a full art exhibit of all unseen paintings. coma white, a cover of highway to hell and an unreleased track from acss that we have given to celebrity death match are all on their way.
we shall return heavier than ever, unapologetic,
and all middle fingers motherfuckers.

as antichrist superstar as ever,
marilyn manson

June 1, 1999

by the way, spread the word.
we are at war.
it feels good.

love fades but hate is forever.


Author: [omega symbol]

July 28, 1999


Hello from the depths of Holy Wood...

My fantastic band and I are busy composing music to usher in the Age of Horus.

The hate furnaces have been ignited once again, and it's good to see the world still despises us. We are censored and stopped at every turn. We are sabotaged, we are smeared with false press. This right here, you and I is the only thing that is real. Your support and dedication has made us survive this and we have returned to kick ass and take names. We will see the inauguration of a new worm.

In the name of


July 29th, 1999
Author: [omega symbol]
Subject: A THANK YOU

I want to thank the old fans, the new ones and the unsure ones for all tuning in to our conference.

The heart of true magic is in the words, behind the words, believing that there really are no words.

Abracadabra translated literally means, "I will create as I speak." We are all that's left. Those that don't believe, don't believe themselves. Now is not the time to be afraid...be happy that there is a union, that anyone who wants IT can have IT.

knowing IT is all you need.

You are the best and most gifted fans, and I hope that each one of you gets the world's attention, you deserve it.

Again Thank You,

August 16, 1999
Author: [omega symbol]
Subject: this is the end, my only friends


thank you all, far and away for helping us live through such a tumultuous tour. We finished at Mount Fugi in Japan and it is quite a relief to be home. I have something special planned for the release of GOD IS IN THE TV, to reward those Los Angeles fans for their missed show. The video will contain all the behind the scenes I can offer, the things that the record company will censor will be available here! Coma White is at MTV, I don't know if they will play it because of the subject matter, but it will appear in it's entirety on GOD IS IN THE TV. Also set for release is Astonishing Panorama of the End Times, which states "VIOLENCE FOR THE PEOPLE, GIVE THE KIDS WHAT THEY NEED." I imagine it will be censored to say "milk and cookies for the kids" by the fascists. The live album is also finished and I hope to share that with you as well, it covers all of our albums and some extra unreleased items. I am writing to you from Kern's Gate and from Death Valley the birthplace of our new album.

Details to follow. With the shedding of skin we have discarded our Mechanical Animal clothes, costumes stage items, etc. This will be available for auction and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

I love you all in the only true sense of the word.

In the Name of Jehovah,
Satan and their union through
Christ and JFK


Oct 10 1999
Author: [you-know-who]
Subject: death valley

album, movie. I love those who love themselves.

In the name of Jehovah
and Jesus Christ

the third and final beast,
I am on my way.
god bless those who doubted.
Marilyn Manson

Nov 8 1999
Subject (response to his previous post)

Nov 8 1999
Subject: manson a christian?

don't be alarmed.
I have no desire to buy into the slavery of modern Christianity.
I am seaking a greater explanation.
I can't wait to share it with you.
from Death Valley
Marilyn Manson

Nov 8 1999

I am in the process of fulfilling my promise to revamp the site.
include art of mine and others.
record a new album.
make a movie.
spend time in Death Valley.

hopefully the live album will keep you company in the meantime.

we should prepare to fight for our freedoms that are quickly slipping.
not just censorship.
watch a film by Bunuel called Viridiana, it's one of my favorites. it was banned and caused a riot in its time. So did Fando and Lis by Jodorowsky.

sadly, it is up to us to keep little brother (ourselves) from taking away our right to think and dream.

the bible and shakespeare, although beautiful in their descriptions, couldn't be more violent than any pitiful rock album or movie of our time.

I wish you all luck in this dying world and my album is my testimony. The world has disappointed me now more than ever and I thank them for giving me the hatred to create this destructive force of music I will let loose next year.

Sincerely with love and I am
the third and final Beast,
Marilyn Manson

November 16, 1999
[someone on the bbs said this:]
Subject: Manson, No disrespect, but you got ALOT of Nerve
Article: I'll be the first to say that I don't know the whole story between you and Trent but from what I DO know I'd say that You Have Alot Of Nerve to publicly disrespect the man who, in my opinion, is SOLELY responsible for you having as wide a fan base as you have. If not for him you would PROBABLY still be playing in shit bars in Florida. AGAIN I MUST SAY I MEAN NO DISRESPECT TO YOU after all I have been a fan of yours since the first single,(GYG) and definetly support your message. I just want to see the two of you back together. I would also like to hear your side of the story. If you read this, Manson, just know that I and MANY of the mutual fans you share with NIN are disappointed with this SEEMINGLY childish disrespect of one another.

[manson replied first with this:]

Author: [omega]
Subject: RE: Manson, No disrespect, but you got ALOT of Nerve
Article: to keep it short, I have had nothing but good things to say, despite my alleged betrayal. I consider Trent like a brother and I miss him. However, I won't sit back and get bashed when I have provided him with about 10 million dollars in income. I wish him luck.
I am my own world, his is what it is.
I have never wanted to compete.
sincerely marilyn manson

[and then added this:]

Author: [omega]
Subject: I Have nerve
Article: I doubt I would be doing anything other than this, with or without anyone's help, because will power is the only path to getting your dreams.

this subject is pointless and only one that Trent really needs to bring up.

I'm quite busy thinking about my art.
good night all


[then someone else said this::]

Author: Mike Barnhart
Subject: MARILYN if you read this today please inform your flock as to who I am and......
Article: What Song I inspired. See just when you think your fans really know you they Don't!

See you in Hell Marilyn Or Canton whichever comes first!

Yes I called him Marilyn outta respect for his Art!

[and manson said this::]Author: [omega]
Subject: who I am and...... mike barnhart
Article: yes, it is sadly true that some boy named Mike Barnhart used to kick my ass when I was in junior high.
It's a shame I didn't have a gun.
Fortunately I grew up to be something else.
Not better, just different. I hold no grudges.
I hope your trailer is warm Mike. It gets cold in those parks this time of year.

Love, the third and final beast
Marilyn Manson

[and clarified with this so that the jr high kids didn't go get their guns and put holes in the Mike Barnharts of their little worlds:]

Author: [omega]
Subject: it was a shame i didn't have a ...
Article: sarcasm, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Nov. 16. 1999
Author: [omega]
Subject: mike barnart / trent reznor
Article: I know Mike knows I was just having a laugh.
Mike, thanks for making me realize I was a pussy with no confidence.
Junior high can be ugly.

Best of luck.
I like trailers. Most of my family comes from one.

And as far as Trent, I don't give a shit about making money. I have fun being an artist and I'm thankful people let me. I'm also glad he got me started. And he's the same way. He has more integrity than anyone I know.
But I have made him rich.
So he should smile.

Love and I am back to Death Valley,
see you in some weeks ahead.

Marilyn Manson

Author: [omega]
Subject: alleged new manson demos

Article: First of all we have not written any songs remotely related to those titles.
Secondly, I am not recording in any studio and do not use cassetes ever.

Just want to clarify rumors before they get ridiculous.

Nice try though,
Marilyn Manson

Author: [omega]
Subject: last post for tonight

Article: Raven, you can find me on aol, if you are who you think you are.

Sorry, to everyone else. I wasn't ignoring you.
It's wonderful to hear from you.
Suprises are on their way.


Author: [omega]
Subject: HERE IT IS

Article: The posts were cleared to make space.
New ideas.
New ways of thinking.
That's all.

I may not post for some time as I am going away from "civilization" for awhile.
In the meantime, my site will slowly change day by day.
And Omega and the symbol will be dead.

Thanks to everyone who appeared on TLTOE.
I hope you can hear yourselves in the backround.
If you weren't there, I hope the cd makes you feel like you were.

We are born as angels
and our parents are God.
They make us in there image.
We follow their commandments.
When we reach the age of reason,
the Age of Horus, we can no longer
be what our "parents" our "god"
our "society" would like us to be.
Maturity, sensibility, rebellion, 15.
This is when we fall.
This is Lucifer.
Being what you want isn't wrong.
The story has always been written from someone
else's perspective.
Now we must write our own, here among thorns.

Next time I see you, I will announce the title
of the new album, and share some footage of the recording.

The Third and Final Beast


Away in a manger, no crib for his bed, The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head. The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay, The little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay.

The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes, but little Lord Jesus no crying he makes. I love thee, Lord Jesus! Look down from the sky, And stay by my side until morning is nigh.


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