11/3 & 4, Irving Plaza, NYC.

Establish home base at the long-familiar Secaucus Red Roof Inn, load everyone into Baby and drive into downtown NYC - impressing Chris no end with EVB's New Yawk driving prowess. Happy reunion with Rooster at the Irving. REALLY cold - kids setting trash on fire to stay warm.

thumbnail shows: First night - the Rev entered on his stilts to the oohs and aahs of all. Crowd really rough, thought I was gonna faint, bouncers bailed me out during Lunchbox. Two encores - first time I've seen 'em play two. The regular one (Sweet Dreams/Misery Machine) and a *scorching* Rock'n'Roll Nigger, which I ended up watching on the in-house TV upstairs.

Second night - still too cold =). Amazing set - Rev pulled out all the theatrical stops: bloodshed, a shower of pills of all kinds, mock fellatio (with Twiggy, of course), near nudity (got down to the pubic hair), burning an American flag. -- I *think* it was this show where Lunchbox was pulled from the regular set and Hate Anthem was slotted in instead - Lunchbox ended up in the encore.

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