11/30/95, Ziggy's Tavern, Winston-Salem NC.

--the very venue where I first saw them, back in March. And here I am back again for the same reason. Ahh..

Any quarrels seem to have been ironed out overnight. There's a *brilliant* soundcheck (bass included =) full of experimental- sounding jamming and new stuff, including a MWG solo that I'm in love with - huge Gothic/Satanic cathedral organ music with sampled tolling churchbells, just magnificent. Ginger and Twiggy trot off afterward in search of (probably) food, side by side and looking best of pals (the Dreadlock Twins are so darn cute together! =)- the line gets a wave and smile from Ginger.

It takes no time inside to realize they've oversold the place drastically, I'd say at least 60-75%. Every square foot of walking or standing space has someone in it. This bodes ill, right? Right. MM takes the stage, the whole crowd surges forward as one, and the barricade collapses.

It is a damn scary sensation, o my siblings: having just one wooden rail to hold onto while about 600 people try to push you forward, and having that rail break. I reckoned I was dead; they'd just pour over my head, push me down, and that's all she wrote. --Security guys yelled frantically for Frankie's attention while shoving the rail back with all their strength, probably wanting the show stopped. Frankie (looking plenty worried) went so far as to step out to the cube and tap the Rev on the leg, but Manson - who was watching the whole thing closely - apparently made a command decision (no one was actually getting hurt or trampled) to go ahead, and so they did.
So I can't claim to have seen this one real well, being forced to spend the whole time trying to keep my feet under me and continue to breathe. Thought the damn rail would cut me in half. Daisy and the Rev kept an eye on the front row the whole time. Security finally hauled me out and I clawed my way into some standing space upstairs, so actually saw the last few songs =), which included a neat long running dive from the back of the stage onto the cube (he practically slid into coyote's face - like she'd've minded!) and a blistering "Hate Anthem." That one just gets stronger and stronger.

Best "finders keepers" of the tour: some crowdsurfer lost a cool ring which clinked onto the cube right under the Rev's nose - looked like sterling, two hands clasping a glass eyeball. Mid-"Misery Machine," bent at the waist and hiding in his hair, he caught it up and quickly tried it on several fingers, found one it fit and stuck it into his boot for safekeeping. "oo! shiny thing!" he's such a magpie..

Did I mention he'd added a cute li'l' pink and white bra to his outfit this evening? talk about incongruous...

(Just my .02 worth, here: Can't help but be fascinated by Mr. Manson's decision to plow on. As I said before - he seems to have a clear idea of just how much chaos is workable and how much isn't, and he likes as much of it as the place can hold without burning down. I believe he would have stopped if people were sustaining actual damage, but force, panic, confusion - that's just grist to the mill. I'm not angry, and I don't think it was irresponsible or cruel. (After all, it was our choice to take the front line.) But I do think it's extremely interesting. I'd give a sack of Caramellos to know just what he was thinking.)

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