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All my favorite non-music media links and sources.

The Hecatene Institute of Teratology, my site devoted to monsters and their movies. Lots of nifty links and all the Godzilla your heart can take.

Especially interested in the Undead? Try Blood of Saints, devoted to Full Moon's terrific Bloodstone movies.

AMALGAM, my encyclopedic site dedicated to the kickass anime Samurai Champloo.

Hecatene's House of Horrorpunk, our newest area. The greatest rockin'weirdness from the USA, Europe and everywhere! [on hold]

Area 77, my paranormal site. Read about The X-Files (especially my crush on Max Fenig and Ringo Langly) and visit my Church of the Holy Partnership site. Explore tons of linkage re: the Roswell incident and other paranormal thingies, have fun with Jar Jar Binks, and read my issue summaries of some of my favorite comic books: Impulse, Animal Mystic., and KISS: Psycho Circus.

If you like your comics a bit more trenchant and timely, try The Power of the Word: Preacher and Transmetropolitan. coyote, I, and a few other brains-working-overtime are creating this site, which is about two of the most intelligent comics out there, plus assorted social theories and ideas. Coming soon: "Guns and the Teenage Boys Who Love Them".

The Angelic Conspiracy. Bet ya didn't know that UFOs, angels, the Antichrist, the Face on Mars and the End Times are all connected! This page will show you how...

EVB's Place - bands, model kits, art...
Joel's Gizmonic Antsite - see what Joel Hodgson's been up to lately.
Monster mania!

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