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Writings by Manson:

On the cult of violence and the Age of Horus:
"Is adult entertainment killing our children? Or is killing our children entertaining adults?"
On the Columbine killings (May 28, 1999):
"I don't like the media, but the media likes me."
On his identity as Mercury.
01/28/2000: "The Lamb of God."

The original introduction to the band's website.

Manson's early posts to the website message board are archived here:
1998 posts.--- 1999 posts.---2000 posts.

Writings by me about Manson:

(--all use of these articles must include my name - Paula O'Keefe/angelynx - date and copyright notice. Thank you.)

Blood/Sugar/Sex/Magick, my first extended MM piece.
(Apologies to RHCP, but the phrase was too perfect not to use.)

My review of Portrait of an American Family.

Worms with Angel Wings, my "book report" on the Antichrist Superstar album.

Apokalypsis, my second essay on ACSS, this one centering on
the history of the Antichrist concept and the "Dead To The World" tour.

The Omega and the Alpha, my Mechanical Animals essay/review.

(Yes, I am still working on an extended essay/review for "Holy Wood" similar to my work on the earlier albums.
You can read the first draft right here. )

I have collected all my MM concert reviews at Cities in Dust.

For lots more Manson reviews by me and others, and my ongoing [now badly dated] Manson band history,
not to mention a magazine cover gallery and tons more MM stuff,
visit Coyote's Spookhouse.

I have completed the Rosary of the Third Beast's Road.. Go see it.

Lots of stories of MM kindness at Marilyn Manson is Good.

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