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We all knew this day would come. My best wishes go out to those families who lost their loved ones. I also have friends in NY and of course here in LA that I am still concerned about. The only thing we can do now is to stick together.

If it takes something this terrible to unite us, so be it.

America hasn't always stood by me, but I will surely stand by America. Let's never forget how lucky we are to have so much freedom.

Marilyn Manson
posted: 9/12/2001 11:12


I have always said that I hate so much and love so much about this country. Of course we would love more freedom, but let's not forget what we already have. And the freedom to live without fear.

When I say for us to unite I mean as like-minded individuals and as friends. I don't expect the country to come together because of this tragedy, but at least we can here.

Everyone is scared and confused and I wish I had more to offer. Right now I have my friends and family to worry about. I hope you all stay safe.

And for those who want to make ignorant comments about my feelings on this, you are entitled to your opinion but you can always take it somewhere else.

Even someone like me can show respect for those killed yesterday and for the people protecting our lives.

I expect the rest of you to as well.

Marilyn Manson

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