...Cities In Dust...
A Manson Tour Diary 1995-2000

These are my reviews of the Marilyn Manson shows I have attended from my first one, 3/9/95, to the "Guns, God & Government" tour, 11-16-00. I have not written up every show I've gone to; sometimes I have good reason, sometimes I'll never know why. But all the reviews I did write are here, in chronological order. Reading through from first to last is like traveling through time with the band, as their, and our, experience gradually spirals wider and bigger and meaner and stranger. So come back through time with us...

...the POAAF tour...

Ziggy's Tavern -- Winston-Salem NC, 3/9/95.
Cat's Cradle -- Carrboro NC, 3/10/95.
Alcatrazz -- Columbia SC, 3/11/95.

...the Danzig tour...

F.W. Kirby Center -- Wilkes-Barre PA, 4/29/95.
Golden Dome -- Pittsburgh PA, 4/30/95.

...the Smells Like Children tour...

Bogart's -- Columbus OH, 10/20/95/
Phantasy Theatre -- Lakewood/Cleveland OH, 10/21/95.
Newport Music Hall -- Columbus OH, 10/22/95.
the Metropol -- Pittsburgh PA, 10/23/95.
Irving Plaza -- New York City, 11/3-4/95.
The Electric Factory -- Philadelphia PA, 11/5/95.
The Stone Pony -- Asbury Park NJ, 11/6/95.
The Flaming Mug -- Fayetteville NC, 11/29/95.
Ziggy's Tavern -- Winston-Salem NC, 11/30/95.
The Mad Monk -- Wilmington NC, 12/1/95.
The Masquerade -- Atlanta GA, 12/2/95.
Jeremiah's -- Charlotte NC, 12/4/95.
Rockafella's -- Columbia SC, 12/5/95.
The Headroom -- Myrtle Beach SC, 12/6/95.

...the Dead To The World tour, 1996-97...

These are the shows we attended,
or would have if the @#$!! godsuckers had left us alone...:
SET #1:
10/30 (Devil's Night!), Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA ==>11/5, Hammerjacks, Baltimore MD
==>11/6,(the new) Nightclub 9:30, Washington DC ==>11/8, Boat House, Norfolk VA
==>11/9, the Ritz, Raleigh NC ==>11/10, Grady Cole Center, Charlotte NC.
==> 2/14/97 (Valentine's Day!), Hara Arena, Dayton OH
==> 2/15/97, Wheeling Coliseum, Wheeling WV

(And we had an aftershow experience in Wheeling I'll never forget.)

SET #2:
==>4/19, Lawrence Joel Coliseum, Winston-Salem NC
==>4/20, Carolina Coliseum, Columbia SC,---SHOW CANCELLED thanks to
"increasing pressure from religious, community and civic groups"
==>4/26, CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland OH ==>5/3, Erie Civic Center, Erie PA
==>5/4, Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Pittsburgh PA ==>5/9, DC Armory, Washington DC
==>5/10, Richmond Coliseum, Richmond VA--SHOW SAVED!
==>5/11, Sony/Blockbuster Pavilion, Philadelphia PA (actually Camden NJ), 5/11.

...the Mechanical Animals tour, 1998-99...

November 11th - Landmark Theater, Richmond, VA
November 13th - Sony Blockbuster Pavilion, Camden/Philadelphia
November 14th - Music Hall, Cleveland, OH
November 21st - Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY
November 22nd - Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA
November 23rd - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, NY

...the Rock Is Dead Tour, 1999...
Missed out on this one. Drat.

...the Guns, God and Government tour, 2000-2001..

November 15th - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
November 16th - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
November 21st - Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA
November 24th - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY

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