Teens' Affidavits - Marilyn Manson Concert

(This is totally fake! Gulf Coast AFA knew this or were too stupid to know this, but distributed it anyway! Spelling errors left intact.)

                        Affidavits of two teenagers
                        who attended Manson concerts
   Contained on this page is the sworn affidavits of two teenagers who
   have been to Marilyn Manson concerts and testify about what they know.
                       AFFIDAVIT OF
                     [name withheld]

STATE OF OKLAHOMA                      >
                                       >    SS:
COUNTY OF OKLAHOMA                     >

   I [name withheld] hereby swear, affirm, declare and affitt:
   1. I am a twenty year old male and reside at [address withheld]
   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [zip code withheld];
   2. On Thursday, December 19, 1996, I personally attended the Marilyn
   Manson concert in Dallas, Texas;
   3. When the band took the stage the female guitar player came out
   naked except for very thin, see through panties. She did things to
   herself with a vibrator and other things. Manson brought a dog out on
   stage and had intercourse with it. The band asked the crowed to get on
   the floor and have sex. I heard them talk to the crowd about doing
   rape on young girls and boys;
   4. The youngest people in the crowd were 9 or 10 years old. Drugs were
   constantly being passed out from the front to the back. The security
   guards in the concert were encouraging people to do what Manson asked
   them to do. No police were ever in the auditorium area. They were kept
   outside. I feared for my own physical safety as the crowd went into a
   5. I say band members have real and simulated sex with each other.
   During a satanic chruch service Manson talked about killing animals as
   a sacrifice, preached from the satanic bible and gave an invitation to
   accept as lord by coming forward to an altar. He threw out some liquid
   substance over the crowd.
   6. I witnessed sexual intercourse and sexual activity by people in the
   concert, not just on the stage and I saw more than two dozen people
   being taken out of the concert because of injury.
   7. I left before the concert was over.
   8. Further, your Affiant sayeth not.
   Executed this 17th day of January, 1997.
                       AFFIDAVIT OF
                     [name withheld]

STATE OF OKLAHOMA                      >
                                       >    SS:
COUNTY OF OKLAHOMA                     >

   I [name withheld] hereby swear, affirm, declare and affitt:
   1. I am a seventeen year old male and reside at [address withheld]
   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [zip withheld].
   2. Three years ago I was a runaway fourteen years old when I first met
   Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner) and was accepted by him into his circle
   of friends or "family". Over the course of the past three years I have
   spent periods of time with Manson on 20 specific periods of time, the
   most recent being two months ago. I did see him last month briefly.
   3. I have been present in the concert venues both in the audience and
   backstage and behind the scenes at many Manson concerts including the
   current "AntiChrist Superstar" tour six times.
   4. Each concert starts out a little bit different but most of the time
   there is a light show before the concert starts. Manson will come out
   on stage by himself dragging a big bag either just before the band
   starts playing or the band will start jammin' and then stop abruptly
   as Manson comes out with the big bag. I have witnessed Manson pull out
   small chickens, several puppies and kittens out of the bag and throw
   them into the audience. These are live animals. I know because I
   helped to get some of these animals from the dog pound for Manson.
   Manson will then tell the audience to make a sacrifice to the music
   and he will not start the show until all the animals are dead.
   5. I witnessed the crowd ripping the animals apart, pulling body parts
   of the torso of the animals. They would bleed to death or they would
   be smashed into the ground. Manson told me they represent the killing
   of innocence. I have seen this animal truck which is like a pick up
   truck with a camper top on the back with cages full of different
   animals for concert sacrifices. I had gone with [name withheld], a
   friend who runs lights and sound for the concert, to get twelve
   puppies, but Manson hand many animals already in the this truck.
   Manson always has the crowd kill the puppies so innocent blood will be
   on their hands before he does the concert.
   6. The concerts I've been to are tightly controlled by Manson security
   guards. No police are ever allowed into the concert area. If a police
   officer happens to get by a guard, Manson is instantly notified
   through his headset he wears. Manson has a team he calls his private
   Santa Clauses. They come at the crowd from the sides and throw out
   bags of pot and cocaine throughout the entire audience front to back.
   Everyone attending the concert gets high that saturates the
   auditorium. All of this security guards are very clean cut looking.
   Manson always comes to town giving the idea that this will be a very
   innocent rock and roll show to the press and the general public.
   7. I witnessed Manson pull out his private body part and play with it
   openly in front of the crowd. It's his penis he plays with, not
   anything artificial. I have witnessed him go over to his female guitar
   player, who is usually totally naked, and plays with her private part
   in front of the crowd. Manson always exposes himself in each concert
   and the female is always nude in every concert.
   8. I have witnessed Manson band members performing anal intercourse on
   each other on stage in front of the crowd.
   9. I have witnessed various band members come over to Manson and
   perform oral sex on Manson throughout the course of the concert.
   10. I have witnessed Manson pull members of the crowd on stage or his
   security guards will bring an audience member on stage and strip all
   of their clothes off. Manson will then play with them in a sexual way.
   They are then usually taken back stage where Manson will do anything
   he feels like doing with them when he is off stage. Manson will take
   as many females from the audience as he can all throughout the
   concert. I have witnessed some females who were fighting to keep the
   guards from taking them on stage. I believe it was clearly against
   their will. But most of the females were thrilled to have Manson take
   them for sex.
   11. I witnessed Manson bring a little boy up on stage who was
   celebrating his tenth birthday. Manson sang happy birthday to him and
   then had this little boy stand on stage while Manson performed sexual
   acts, including oral sex, while asking the little boy if he would like
   to do this and would he like to do this.
   12. I witnessed the security guards throwing out dozens of condoms
   into the crowd while Manson ordered the crowd to have sex with anyone.
   I have witnessed members of the audience having sexual intercourse and
   performing other sex acts at every concert I've been to with Manson. I
   believe about thirty percent of the Manson concert crowd participate
   in open, overt sexual activity at an average Manson concert. I have
   witnessed rapes at most concerts. The crowd get into a frenzy and
   females are held down against their will and raped many times as
   Manson prods them on.
   13. I witnessed the Manson security guards giving liquid extacey to
   children and as those children, 9, 10, 11 years old were effected by
   the "love potion" drug, them became will to have sex. I have witnessed
   children having sex in the audience at Marilyn Manson concerts.
   14. I have witnessed Manson masterbating on stage before the crowd and
   then ejaculate into the crowd.
   15. I have witnessed Manson perform a satanic church service toward
   the end of the concert in which he preaches from the satanic bible,
   and books called, "Orange Magic", "Green Magic" and "Black Magic". The
   length he preach' depends on how high his is at the time. Manson gives
   an invitation to receive satan into your life and a hypnotic voice
   comes over the sound system saying your must go forward to the altar.
   This whole area is where the mossh pit was. He opens the whole front
   up. This invitation is especially potent because by that time 100% of
   the audience is high.
   16. I witnessed Manson call for the virgin sacrifice in which all the
   children in the concert arena are pushed forward by the crowd to be
   dedicated to satan.
   17. I witnessed Manson sharing from the satanic bible, pronouncing
   some words over the ones who have come or been pushed forward and then
   Manson pour pig's blood over everyone who has been in this group. Then
   Manson calls forth this "priests" to minister to each person and they
   take names, addresses and phone numbers for continued contact. Manson
   hands out satanic bibles and addresses of satanic church's they should
   go to.
   18. During the concert I witnessed Manson bring under aged teenagers,
   14, 15, 16, 17, out on stage and put them into a cage. The cage is
   then put out into the audience and Manson wants the crowd to beat on
   those inside the cage. These children are part of Manson tour.
   19. I have been on Manson's special tour bus a half dozen times and
   have witnessed under age girls and some boys stripped naked and
   handcuffed to the bus seats. Every time I've been on the bus, the
   faces are different. I have seen some of those faces on television as
   missing children or runaways.
   20. I witnessed a video tape that Manson played for me in November of
   1996. He called it his "Blood Bath" video. The video showed Manson
   playing a guitar. Surrounding him were people playing a vampire game
   in which they started biting each others necks. Then one man came out
   of the group and stabbed a female several times. Then about ten other
   people came over to the bleeding female and literally scooped up blood
   from her body and bathed in the blood. They covered their bodies with
   the blood. This was offered as a sacrifice to satan. They all looked
   like they were drugged and the female victim that was killed seemed
   willing to die.
   21. This experience with the "Blood Bath" video mad me fear for my own
   safety and I became so scared, I decided I must get away from these
   people. They have sent mey a half dozen tickets and backstage passes
   to the Oklahoma City concert on February 5, 1997. They do not know
   I've turned my life around and I am now fully involved at [name
   withheld] and have given my life to the Lord Jesue Christ. [two
   sentences withheld]
   22. I witnessed Marilyn Manson bring a sheep out on stage, and from my
   viewpoint from the stage, I saw Manson perform sexual intercourse on
   the sheep.
   23. Further, your Aiiiant sayeth not.
   Executed this 21 day of January, 1997
                            [NAME WITHHELD]
                            [ADDRESS WITHHELD]

STATE OF OKLAHOMA                 >
                                  >  SS:
COUNTY OF OKLAHOMA                >

The foregoing instrument was aknowledged before me this
24 day of January, 1997

My Commission Expires:
   April 21, 2000                 Signed-Sue Smith
                                  Notary Public

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