Handmade rosaries designed and created in tribute to Radu Vladislas,
Michelle Morgan and the SUBSPECIES films.

Radu's rosary:
The primary stone used is smoky faceted Czech firepolished glass. I rejected the idea of using a black stone; black is too absolute for Radu, suggesting as it does certain, committed and unrepentant evil. The shadowy color of these glass beads, combining darkness and clarity, I thought perfect for this conflicted creature whose soul pulls equally toward love and hate. And glass is of course a created, non-natural thing, as the vampire state is created. Red beads are essential to any piece with a vampire theme, but I have chosen clear and ruby faceted lead crystal beads in token of Radu's often-expressed love of shiny sparkly things. The chain used is sterling silver, as is the connector showing the face of Jesus (the Bloodstone is after all a religious relic). The beads on the drop are genuine African bloodstone, which I couldn't resist using, plus another ruby lead crystal bead. The pendant is a solid quartz crystal hand-mined from a mountain site in Colorado and mounted in a hand-made sterling silver talon whose elongated claws give it a decided "Bloodstone" appearance. (This crystal is the reason for the entire piece; as soon as I saw it I knew what it reminded me of and I was inspired to create the rosary around it.)

One of only two of its kind, created by me with love as fledgling gifts =).

Michelle's rosary:
What I wanted this piece to express was above all Michelle's strength, her warmth and her humanity. Faceted glass - cold, sharp, bright, manmade - was right for Radu, but for Michelle I wanted to use a natural stone. After some thought I chose tigereye. Its rich, warm tones combine dark and light, giving both a golden glow. In crystal healing terms it's said to combine sun and earth energies, combining light-sharpness with practical grounding, "bringing calmness to unsettled turmoil" and "helpful for individuals seeking clarity and those who must deal intelligently with scattered details which must be brought into some pattern" (Melody). Likewise the red note is provided by a genuine stone, garnet, instead of glass, with a bright accent from tiny rainbow lead crystal. All chain is silver-plated. In choosing the pendant and drop I felt it was essential to keep away from anything religious, as Michelle - practically unique in vampire-heroine history - has never called on God or the sign of the crucifix to help her but relies on her own strength of will. So the connector piece is a simple Victorian grapevine pattern in sterling silver (the grapevine/wine image particularly appropriate to a vampire lady) and the pendant is a deep blood-red teardrop in rare-earth glass. One of only two.

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