In the those long-dead-days just after sound but long before color...there were the Universal Monsters. More than mere characters, they have become myth and legend, archetypes and dreams, the great mythic stalkers of our culture and its uneasy sleep. Kharis, the Mummy, faithful to his love for centuries; Lawrence Stewart Talbot, the tragic werewolf of Llanwelly, Wales; the Monster's Bride; the Creature from the Black Lagoon, elegant, savage, lonely. Most of all, the great ones: The Frankenstein Monster, an aching, living heart and soul in a body built from corpses, creation of a mad science that seems less impossible every year; and Count Dracula, the red wellspring of all Western vampiredom, a towering figure of erotica, immortality, damnation, death and transcendence. Known to any child, retaining their power and dignity despite years of comedy, parody, commercialism - these are the true immortals. It all begins here.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon - my 20-year love-affair with this most wondrous of creations.
(Universal Studios'Online Horror Channel used to be devoted to their horror immortals, but now contains nothing but Jurassic Park stuff. Chinga..)
Creature Cantina - a stellar collection of Creature from the Black Lagoon memorabilia.
[It seems to have disappeared, but we leave the link in place in hopes that it may return, and in loving memory.]
Monster Castle - another toy collector's site.
All about vampires.
The Horror Film.
Great collection of classic horror/SF movie posters.
Vampyre Nation.

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