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...updated for the last time, January 13th, 2010...

Vampire Journals is finally available on DVD!

...surrendering all hope.

I just don't see any reason to go on hoping. It's been twelve years since 'Species 4; Full Moon is no longer even suggesting that 'Species 5 might be in the works; at the beginning of 2009 I emailed them asking if there was any chance for a Species or VJ film that year, and they replied that they were releasing a lot of movies but neither of those.

==I give up. I no longer think there's any hope of our ever seeing another "Subspecies" or "Vampire Journals" movie. Obviously FM's no longer interested in their vampires, and is happy just cranking out cheesy monster movies (and while I like cheesy monster movies just fine, they aren't what made me a Full Moon fan).

So...I'll keep the site here, but I don't expect to check FM for updates anymore, or hope for their future at all.

Radu's hands Between 1991 and 1998 the American film company Full Moon Pictures created the most entertaining, attractive, lovingly made and emotionally engaging continuing series of Gothic vampire films in the Institute's collection. The series began with Subspecies (1991), followed by Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993), Bloodlust: Subspecies III (1994), and the film that closes this arc, Subspecies IV: Bloodstorm (1998). (Subspecies V, the much-awaited prequel, seems unlikely to ever be made at this late remove.)

All feature able and stylish yet unobtrusive direction by Ted Nicolaou, who also directed FM's "Vampire Journals" (and actually reads his fan e-mail =)..

Radu with the Bloodstone The series concerns the fortunes of a strikingly cadaverous and charismatic nosferat named Radu Vladislas, and of Michelle Morgan, the American girl he initiates into the mysteries of the undead. A thousand years old, the last survivor of a 9th-Century aristocratic family (having killed all the others off himself), Radu is a revelation: not just another formula bloodsucker drawn from one of the typical templates, but a complete character, understandable and even pitiable, played with ferocious energy and deep compassion by the gifted Anders Hove. Hove's Radu combines the appearance and sinister air of Max Schreck's classic Count Orlock (and even more closely, of Klaus Kinski in the exquisite 1979 remake) with a heartbreaking loneliness and poignancy which remind one of Charles Laughton's pathetic and touching Quasimodo, and a wicked relish that is his alone. The result is a true vampire fan's vampire, a creation that deserves immortality.

Michelle and Radu As for Michelle, her portrayal by Denise Duff is simply wonderful, and deserves much more praise than it seems to get. A brave and strong-willed woman, Michelle fights her developing vampirism and the vampire who made her with single-minded intensity, but even when she yields, yields with an intelligence and grace of spirit that is downright inspiring: determined that if she cannot regain her mortal life she will keep as much humanity as possible in her vampire life. She's the one who ends up in possession of the Bloodstone - with which a vampire can survive without human blood - and she deserves it. (Besides, she answers her fan mail, too. =)

You can read my reviews of these films posted to the Internet Movie Database:

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and of Vampire Journals

Or you might enjoy my extended, personal (read: drooling fangirl) reviews:
customized Radu action figure Subspecies
Bloodstone: Subspecies II
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See my handmade "Bloodstone Rosaries" for Radu and Michelle.
Here's my Incomplete History of the Blade of Laertes.
My (also incomplete) collection of Radu action figures.

(Film images borrowed from Full Moon Technomancer, with loving gratitude.)

Some Subspecies links:

Full Moon Direct
(Check out their cool Radu mask and accessories!)

Full Moon Fiend's Guide to the FM Universe, a super fan page! now defunct, but available thru the kind offices of the Wayback Machine Internet Archive.
(...see pix of the unproduced 12" Radu figure! *sob*)
Radu's Bloodbath - still an excellent fan site.--
--and the greatest engagement ring ever!
Film reviews by Mother Dark
Denise Duff's own homepage
--buy "Song of the Vampire" from her directly and have your copy personally autographed.

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