Full Moon Toys - Radu/SUBSPECIES Figures

In 1998 Full Moon Toys issued the original version of its action figure of Radu Vladislas. Between 1998 and 2000 there were, to my best knowledge, four variants. The basic figure offers a fine, if somewhat extra-grotesque, facial likeness of Radu, and is a must-own for any fan (despite several persistent inaccuracies, such as black hair, shoes instead of boots, and a gold base on the Bloodstone). Other standard features are rooted hair; black cloth coat; jointed, pose-able wrists/elbows/ shoulders and turnable head; little Bloodstone and Subspecies accessories. With luck, at least some of them can be found by diligent scouring of eBay and Yahoo Auctions, or other secondary toy sources.
Versions are as follows:

1. Standard figure (no photos). All-black outfit, black hair, red Bloodstone and Subspecies minion.
2. Blue-skinned figure (no photos). Bloodstained mouth, black Subspecies minion and two Bloodstones.

3. Diamond/Previews exclusive. "Previews" is the trade magazine of giganto-merchant Diamond Comic Distributors Inc. It is distributed through comic book shops and previews future releases in the realms of comic book, gaming, movie and other media/fantasy collectibles. Dealers who carry "Previews" are occasionally offered special toys and other goodies made especially for Diamond, and this is one of them. It has the same black hair and suit as the previous figures but sports a shiny red vest and a Bloodstone and Subspecies minion in bright blue. (Yes, blue.)

Here's a full photo of this figure.

4. Japanese Exclusive. Subtitled "Radu In The Forest", this variant is really different; it not only features an all-forest-green suit, glow-in-the-dark skin and a glow Subspecies minion, but is the only variant yet to give Radu hair nearly the color of his own (though rather more luxuriant in length)! These pix are too dark but you can see the auburn highlights in its hair.

Here's a full photo of this figure.

Out of the box! Here are some photos of my customized version (done by my many-talented roomie, Judy Renee Pope). He has been re-haired with acrylic synthetic mohair to approximate his own hair more closely, and we're working on the boots. =) Note also that his collar-brooch has been repainted to add the red stones. In progress...

Details of Full Moon's packaging for this figure.

Shouldn't there be a Michelle figure to go with Radu??
Here's a message from Denise Duff's website:

Do you think there should be a Michelle doll? If so, you can call Full Moon at 323-468-0599 or write them at:
1645 N. Vine St., 4th Fl
Hollywood, CA 90028
Attn: Bob Langer

-- and request it! They're having problems with their web site, so that's the best way to reach them for now. Thanks!

You can also send Mr. Langer email directly: blanger@fullmoonuniverse.com.
Full Moon Toys: fullmoon@earthlink.net, attn.: Rick Phares.
Make sure they know what we want! =)

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