Production art from Samurai Champloo: original pencil drawings, used-in-production photocopies, character and weaponry model sheets.

Champloo fan Lance offers us a look at his kickass SC original art collection.

Useful dates and dating for the series

Champloo Merchandise; what's been sighted in the wild...

A few Champloo song lyrics can be found here, including:

=="Shiki no Uta" (Song of Four Seasons)--English and both Japanese versions
=="Obokuri-Eemui" (Obtain Bearing) (English and Okinawan!)

We now have lyrics to all of the series' end themes--Shiki no Uta, FLY, YOU, Who's Theme, and San Francisco!

Champloo Music: A guide to the Champloo soundtrack albums and Silent_Edge's terrific "Soundtrack Guide to the Episodes"!
Nearly all of your questions on what music is used in the Champloo episodes, and where and when, answered here. Thanks to Silent! =)

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