Well-known artist Julie Bell's high-spirited rendition of Impulse,
from the MARVEL VS. DC card set.

Here are some cool Flash history links!
Flash: Those Who Ride The Lightning
The Scarlet Speedster Web Page
And Impulse links!
Impulse - poster child for the danger impaired...
The Impulse Page.
I love this bit of Impulse theory and analysis by Kris Graffia.
A kickass Young Justice link - The Hangout!
Young Justice: The Wild Ride -(has this book got a fast-growing following or what?!)


Area 77 is proud to be an Amazon.com Associate! Check them out for cool books including The Return of Barry Allen, The Life Story of the Flash, and Flash Archives Vol. 1.

Impulse discussion is frequently found in the Usenet newsgroup

Some general comics links:
A terrific site of comics essays and checklists - courtesy Scott Hollifield.
Everything you could want to know about Kingdom Come.

Comic Book Resources, a useful and oft-updated news site.

And here's a link I think should never be left out:
The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
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