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November 2007 Update--
After a long time away from reading comics, I learned from a friend that in a recent storyline, Bart Allen--formerly Impulse and Kid Flash, then Flash IV-- was killed. I am deeply shocked and saddened by this news.

I don't intend to backtrack and collect all of Bart's appearances since I left comics fandom, but in honor of his memory and my love for his days as Impulse, I will pick up where I left off here in 1998 and review the full run of the Impulse book (and Young Justice if I can). This is the least I can do, and it will take time but I will.

Ave atque vale.

This page is dedicated to my favorite young superhero, Impulse. I love this character and his adventures! Impulse is Bart Allen, grandson of the late, much-lamented Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen. A 30th Century teenager raised in a virtual reality environment, Bart has been sent back to our time to learn a few things about his super-speed powers, his humanity, and how to cope with day-to-day life among us normal slowpokes. Bart's recklessness and seemingly self-centered attitude can be hard to take at first, but it doesn't take long to see through them to the displaced, lonely and innocent kid those brash attitudes protect. His teacher and guardian is austere, enigmatic "Zen speedmaster" Max Mercury, a hero with a long history and a few dark shadows in his past. Their stories, especially those crafted by pure-and-simple genius Mark Waid, are some of the best in comics today, combining a wealth of detail drawn from generations of DC Comics history with empathic characterization, exciting plotting, honest emotion and a fresh sense of humor.
If you're a long-time fan of the DC heroes, especially The Flash,
I bet you'll love this book;
but even if you're not, it's one of the best reads out there.

I won't go into much background on The Flash and his friends and foes, since there are excellent
and beautifully organized Flash webpages that can tell you all you could want to know. (--See links.)
What I do want to do is chronicle Impulse's own history:
if you're interested, by all means follow on...

(Well-known artist Julie Bell's high-spirited rendition of Impulse, from the MARVEL VS. DC card set.)

Here's my review of the first Impulse story arc, "Reckless Youth",
in FLASH #92-95.
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And here are my reviews of the dramatic "Terminal Velocity" arc, FLASH #96-100.
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Finally, here are my summaries of Impulse's between-arc appearances in FLASH,
and of the speedsters' war with Savitar, "Dead Heat",, in FLASH and IMPULSE.
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Many many more reviews to follow including the whole run [g] of IMPULSE to date - you can read the first few here!
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Cool and super-useful history links:
Flash: Those Who Ride The Lightning
"Bart Allen" entry in Wikipedia, covering his full career.
Crimson Lightning, an index to Bart's adventures as Flash IV.
Quickstart Enterprises, a Jesse Quick fansite.

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