ice blue--a Jin shrine

Now available, the first item in our archive:

The Sword of no Abiding Mind: Mujuushin Kenjutsu and Samurai Champloo.

Blue made
out of indigo
is bluer than indigo;

from water,
colder than water.

--Soiku Shigematsu, A Zen Forest

Trust only movement.
Life happens at the level
of events not of words.
Trust movement.
--Alfred Adler

This is where I'm going to sit to think about him.
You may, too.

"Jin, Jin, he's our man;
if he can't slice you up while looking insanely cool and godlike
and barely twitching an eyebrow but with all the intensity of an anachronistic laser beam,
no one can!"
*spirit fingers*

--Cille, Adult Swim board

Genji ygao no maki
[The Ygao Chapter from The Tale of Genji]
by Yoshitoshi, from One Hundred Views of the Moon.
Eerily like our view of a far-future Jin...

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