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Samurai Champloo Doujinshi: image reviews and recommendations

(For those as ignorant of Japanese as I am; the story as told by the pictures)

Doujinshi are a unique form of fan fiction: comic books written and drawn by fans. Just about any anime series (or movie, TV show or rock band) you can think of has probably had doujinshi made for it, and there are doujinshi featuring the creators' original characters as well. Quite a lot of them are really good-looking and stand up in art and storytelling skill to almost any mainstream comic book or manga, and some pro artists in fact create doujinshi on the side. Doujinshi run in a wide range of subject matter from comedy to "untold tales"--stories that could plausibly have happened in a series--to the ever-popular "characters in high school" style and, of course, erotica: ecchi (just plain sex), hentai (kinky sex), yuri (gay female sex), and yaoi (gay male sex). Erotic doujinshi are the most notorious type and are extremely popular, with some anime having dozens of sex-oriented titles (a lot of people want to see Ed Elric and Roy Mustang in bed together, apparently).
So that no one reads anything they'd rather not read, I have split my Champloo doujinshi reviews into Yaoi titles and All-Ages titles.

Yaoi doujinshi, as I said, are those whose primary content is male-with-male sex; in Champloo, the majority of these are Mugen & Jin pairings. Most have at least some explicit detail and some are outright X-rated. Also known as "lemon" (explicitly detailed sex), "lime" (strongly implied sex but no explicit visual detail) and, in American fanfic terms, "slash" (the term doesn't imply violence but rather comes from the "slash" mark used to separate the names in a pairing, i.e., Jin/Mugen or Jin/Yuki).
This is your warning: if you click on the Yaoi button, you will be reading descriptions of gay/nanshoku sex and other raunchy stuff.
If that's what you came here for, have fun. If not, you've been warned.

All ages doujinshi tend to be comedy, alternate adventures, and the like. Some may have an element of shounen-ai ("boy's love")--kissing or similar, but will have nothing overtly sexual. (OK, so my idea of "all ages" is a little bent; but if you click that button, you will not see any smut, I promise. =)

OK, there's the fine print. Go to it.

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A note on displaying other people's fan art on your own website:
Every week I get an e-mail or two asking why I don't post scans from my doujinshi collection to this site. Originally, I intended to do just that. But when I wrote to several of the artists I wanted to feature, including Saimin, and asked if this was OK with them, every one of them asked me not to. One, in fact, asked me not to post any review of her doujinshi at all. They gave me several different reasons--the one who wanted no review to appear was afraid of copyright infringement lawsuits-- but the primary reason was simple artist's rights. The art belongs to them, and they prefer to have control over where it appears and what it's used for. Saimin specifically explained that even if one person is granted permission by the artist to use an artwork, it's easy for others to steal it from that person without asking, and then who knows how far it may go. At least, by keeping her work on her own site, Saimin said, she limits the number of places it can be stolen from.

I know how I feel when something I wrote turns up on another site without my knowledge or permission,
and I'm sure visual artists feel just the same.
So I will not post any art from doujinshi to my site besides the covers (which I do have permission to use).

(right: "Blue Iris Jin"; left: "Mugen & Jin"; both (c) 2004-5 by Judy Renee Pope. Used with her permission.)

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