The Four-Who-Are-One
and the Magickal Compass

The character design of the Four-Who-Are-One reflects a fine knowledge of magickal and ritual symbolism. I will here show how closely the personas correspond to the traditional magickal/Wiccan understanding of the elements
to which each one is allied.

The Celestial "Represents the principles of universal balance, the ultimate harmony of the cosmos. Observes situations dispassionately and sees all sides of a dilemma. His is the element of Air."

Celestial's symbolic color is clear blue; he represents the ultimate balance of all things: order over chaos, science, natural and physical law. He dwells in outer space, and is a student of philosophy and astronomy. These are all most appropriate to an avatar of the Air element. In Western traditional magick, the compass direction signifying this element is East. The aspects of the East are: knowledge and intelligence, vision and foresight, thought, light, skill and craft; news and information; swift things; new beginnings. Its human aspect is Mind, its creature is the far-seeing white eagle, its moon phase is New and its hour is dawn.
Its Tarot card is the Ace of Swords.

The Demon "Creature of fire and shadow, blood and thunder. He embodies vengeance and terror, the darkest impulses of mortal souls, but also the purgative flames of rebirth; destruction that precedes creation. His is the element of Fire."

The Demon's symbolic color is red; he represents vengeance, destruction, violence and rage, the "shadow side" of the human soul. He dwells in a hellish space of flames, and even his human aspect is quick-tempered, impatient and commanding. These are all appropriate for an avatar of the Fire element. In Western traditional magick the compass direction signifying this element is South. The aspects of the South are: passion and anger, pride, courage, temper, lust, determination; will power; loyalty and gallantry, the fiery heart of a warrior. Its human aspect is Flesh and Blood, its creature is the lion, its moon phase is Full, and its hour is high blazing noon.
Its Tarot card is the Ace of Wands.

The Starbearer "He who draws from the deep wells of the soul and emotion, bringer of passion and pain. He can move a heart to tender love or murderous rage. His is the element of Water."

Starbearer's symbolic color is violet; he represents all the power of feeling and the depths of the soul's wisdom - understanding of the heart, rather than conscious, intellectual knowledge - and dwells in an ornate rose-garden paradise of fountains and waterfalls. These characteristics are most appropriate for an avatar of the Water element. In Western tradional magick the compass direction signifying this element is West. The aspects of the West are: intuition, imagination, sleep and dreams, mystery, romance, flow and change; but also unreason, nightmares, terror, coma, the passage into night and death. The shadowland between night and day, waking and sleep, the unseen deeps of the sea and the soul. Its human aspect is Heart, its creature is the dolphin, its moon phase is Last Quarter, and its hour is "purple twilight" - sunset and dusk.
Its Tarot card is the Ace of Cups.

 The King of Beasts "Personifies the primal, animal instinct, the rough beast that stirs in each of us. Embracing instinct rather than intellect, he knows neither cruelty nor mercy. His is the element of Earth."

The Beast King's symbolic color is green; he represents not only the animal aspect of human nature but the laws and forces of nature itself, and all wild creatures. Alone of the four he dwells in a natural outdoor space, resembling the African savannah. These are all most appropriate to an avatar of the Earth element. In Western traditional magick, the compass direction signifying this element is North. The aspects of the North are: tremendous strength, endurance, patience; darkness, secrecy and silence; contemplation, meditation, and the power of time and rebirth. Its human aspect is Spirit, its traditional creatures are all hooved and horned animals (for this aspect we shall broaden it to include all clawed ones as well), its moon phase is Dark, and its hour is midnight.
Its Tarot card is the Ace of Pentacles.
(We must add: King of Beasts' stone-headed spear set with a green gemstone is an exquisitely correct weapon, the finest of the four.)

Their Influence as Arbiters of Justice:

The Four are elegantly balanced, having two members who are largely concerned with human nature (Starbearer and Demon, who are in essence Love and Hate, Compassion and Vengeance) and two on a more cosmic scale (King of Beasts and Celestial, who are respectively Nature and the Universe, Jungle Law and Pure Justice). Two who are motivated by human emotion and two who will never feel it. As such, it will be interesting to see what crimes they pursue and which members are the more personally outraged by them. Ecological crimes would of course be the Beast King's domain and would probably rouse Celestial's ire as well (disturbing the balance of nature). Brutality of the strong toward the weak would anger both Starbearer and Celestial; if the weak rise up and covet vengeance Demon comes into play. Out-and-out tyranny and villainy would at once draw the Demon's fire - his refusal to be mastered is as strong as his desire to fight - with the others responding depending on what and who were being harmed.

Their Influence as Pure Elementals:

If we proceed around the compass clockwise (deosil, as witches say, in the direction the sun goes) - then we may begin in the north - Earth - and pass toward the East - Air. The space in between is Air-of-Earth: Wind. Beast King and Celestial could combine their power to create great windstorms. If we proceed toward the South - Fire - and include the space between Air and Fire, we add Air-of-Fire: Smoke. Air-of-Earth and Air-of-Fire, combining the power of three of the Four, could produce tremendous forest fires, dust storms, sandstorms. Going on from the South toward the West - Water - we reach Water-of-Fire: Lava. Demon and Starbearer could create devastating volcanic explosions (this would be a remarkably pure expression of their characteristics, with Demon's fire nature combining with Starbearer's ability to draw energies and hidden thngs up from the deep). Proceeding finally from the West on toward the North - Earth - again, we pass through Water-of-Earth: rain, rivers, the sea. Water-of-Earth and Air-of-Earth, combining Starbearer, Beast King and Celestial's powers, could create torrential rains, flooding, hurricanes and typhoons - all storms that mix water and wind.

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