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Episode Two--Redeye Reprisal

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Episode Two--Redeye Reprisal

Same as episode 1, these are in order of first appearance, names are given where possible. For the three main characters, only order of appearance is noted, and they are notated with their initials.[Note: Many supporting characters' names are never given in the episode, but are used in the Champloo Roman Album or have been posted to the show's official website,, thanks to which they appear here.]

Oniwakamaru--A giant man with a deformed face. Appears in the first shot of the episode, lying in a prison cell watching a moth. Ryujiro sets him free to use him to seek revenge. Later befriends F and tells her that the people of his village persecuted him, and he was in prison for killing some of them. Kills Ryujiro to protect F, and dies after being run through by M. --[Though he is called "Oniwaka" in Geneon's English dub, "Oniwakamaru" is the form in which his name appears on the series website. Also,"nekkid99" from the Adult Swim board points this out: "Oniwaka was the nickname of legendary swordsman and warrior-monk, Saito Musashibo Benkei (1155-1189). An illustrated hagiography can be seen here." ]
Sasaki Ryujiro--Seen in previous episode, but even more whacked out now. [Note: As of episode 17, no character besides F, J, M, and Momo-san has appeared in more than two episodes.] First appears fetching Oniwakamaru from jail to seek revenge on M for loss of his arm. Creates an intricate scheme to destroy J, M, and F. Killed by Oniwakamaru for trying to harm F.
Jailer --Appears in opening prison scene trying to talk Ryujiro out of taking Oniwakamaru. May be the "accounting department subordinate" policemen say Ryujiro murdered.
Hungry bird --Appears in the restaurant scene, snags the yakimanju. Causes Jin to recite a proverb [to my great pleasure.] (--In at least one translation it's specified to be a hawk.)
Talkative locals --Pair of guys in restaurant chatting about ogre problem. Appear only in restaurant scene. Hire M to slay ogre in return for a meal. Introduce F to sake. In all probability, are working for Ryujiro.
Inuyama ("mountain dog")--fan-nicknamed the "Firefly Samurai"; older samurai who resembles the guy from the closing credits. First appearance in restaurant scene, acting like a wimp. Meets J in hot spring, tries a natural history pick-up line, offers information on the sunflower samurai. (--The first character besides F, M, and J to make any mention of the SS, though whether he actually had information or had just overheard Fuu in the cafe' remains unknown.) Turns out to be working for Ryuujiro, hired to kill J; duels him, makes veiled taunts about Mariya Enshiro's death (his dialogue should be re-listened to after seeing episode 8), disengages when Ryuujiro dies, says he and J may meet again someday.[In the Champloo Roman Album, Watanabe is quoted as saying his single regret about Champloo is that Inuyama never appeared after this episode. He was in the original script for Episode 24, but, Watanabe says, "we had to cut him for time purposes".
Restaurant owner --Skinny older man resembling the restaurant owner in episode 3. First appears in restaurant scene, where he suggests his shack near the hot spring as a place to stay overnight. Later scene reveals him to be working for Ryujiro, who has Oniwakamaru kill him.
Hotaru--Hot brunette with great lipstick. First appears on the road to the shack, M fixes her sandal so she invites him over for the night. Poisons him because she, too, is working for Ryujiro. Her final fate is not clear. [her name, incidentally, means "firefly".]
Saruhashi and Kiji--Two Kantou Regional Police Officers with swords and Stars 'n Stripes neckerchiefs. Have come after Ryujiro for tea-shop arson, murder. Killed by Oniwakamaru after they call him a monster.

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